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Canucks Send Schroeder To Chicago; Recall Ebbett

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks have sent struggling center Jordan Schroeder down to the Chicago Wolves and have recalled veteran center Andrew Ebbett.

"They want to get me going, playing more and getting my confidence back" a "disappointed" Schroeder told the Vancouver Sun today. The 22 year-old has 3 goals, 5 points, 21 shots on goal and a -5 in 22 games this season. But Schroeder has only 1 assist in his last 13 games, even finding himself centering as far down as the 4th line.

Andrew Ebbett has been playing well in Chicago, scoring 11 goals and 32 points in 37 games. He was a +10 for Chicago. We know what Ebbett brings: more experience, solid 2-way play in a bottom 6 role (more defensive than offensive so far - 0 points in 5 games this season). He may however get some time on line 2 at center.

Schroeder was not the problem with this team's woes. He was just a part of the problem. The Canucks' defensive play and work ethic as a group, save a few, is unacceptable. There are several guys not named Schroeder that need to start scoring, which I will cover in the Columbus game preview later on today.