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Canucks Claim Tom Sestito From Flyers

Just like that, the Canucks have their new biggest player.

He's on the left.
He's on the left.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

You can stop the Aaron Volpatti lovefest now as MG went shopping on the waiver wires too and landed his squad a 6-foot-5, 228 pound left winger.

Tom Sestito

#32 / Left Wing / Philadelphia Flyers



Sep 28, 1987

2012 - Tom Sestito 7 2 0 2 1 12 0 0 1 3

Sestito was picked in the third round (85th overall) in the 2006 draft by the Blue Jackets, three slots after Vancouver took Daniel Rahimi (...and a hush fell over the crowd...). He would hang around Columbus - scoring the first goals of his NHL career against both Roberto Luongo (here) and Cory Schneider (here) - before being traded to Philadelphia in 2011. He'd play 14 games for the Flyers last season before hanging out in the EIHL during the lockout where he played at a point per game pace. He played seven games this season before succumbing to the dreaded Charley horse. He'll be an RFA at the end of the season.

And of course he's on the twitter. Go.

His scouting report:

Assets: Is a hulking winger with the ability to play a strong forechecking game. Has some scoring ability at lower levels. Can intimidate with his size and pugnacity. Isn't afraid to mix it up.

Flaws: Isn't much of a playmaker and has somewhat limited offensive tools for the NHL game. Needs more work on his defensive game. Is also prone to taking bad penalties that hurt his team.

Career Potential: Physical depth winger.

While he may not be viewed as much of a playmaker, it doesn't mean it can't occasionally happen. But this is a pure depth move that could bolster the fourth line with some of those hits he's known for (and while we're at it...this). His fight card is rather lengthy; as Dan Murphy shared on Twitter, Kassian knows this all too well. At the time of his acquisition Flyers fans were hopeful he could replace Jody Shelly as their enforcer and perhaps even blossom into a Milan Lucic (honestly we have to stop comparing people to him, it's a fool's adventure).

We asked Travis Hughes from Broad Street Hockey (here's their take on his departure) for his opinion on our newest answer to Don Cherry criticisms:

He's a big guy and the physical game is definitely his strong suit -- he'll fight, can play an enforcer role -- but there is a sense that he has some untapped skill there. He never really had much of an opportunity in Philadelphia (partly his own doing) but it's pretty hard to know what to expect from him considering he's never really had the shot. He plays on the power play in the AHL though, so that shows you that the organization at least thought he had some skill. Just a matter of how that translates to the NHL game and what role a team wants him to play.

All in there's nothing not to like about this pick up nor is there reason for some grand celebration (say 'parade' and I kick you). The immediate question whenever Sestito suits up should be is he better at the one thing Volpatti - all that untapped talent stuff aside - brought to the Canucks. At best he's Volpatti who is more responsible with the puck and can sometimes score. At worst he morphs into a John Scott clone who can be easily be cast aside and end up in Buffalo next year.

Bottom six fodder: catch the fever!