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Game Recap: Canucks cool off the Flames aw fuck, I went there. Sorry.

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Evening everyone, I hope you enjoyed the Canucks 5-1 win over the Flames tonight. I also hope you aren't feeling like a big ol' bag of re-heated dog shit like I do, but this flu going around seems to have picked me for it's new place of residence. Fuck. Anyways, the Canucks won, Schroeder scored his first and there was a special teams goal! Lets get at it!

Rich Lam

The Canucks and Flames go at it for the second time this season. The Canucks took the first game between the two teams, barely, in a shootout. Cory Schneider starts in goal tonight, making his first back to back start since January 23rd when he started in goal for three straight games only to briefly lose the net to Roberto Luongo.

The First Period

Not only does Alex Burrows start the game with the Twins on the top line, but we get to hear Jim Hughson instead of whatever guy they have mailing it in on Saturday's.And as expected, the Twins and Burrows have a good shift, whadda ya know? Controlling play down low but no shots.

The Canucks have controlled the play, but mostly on the outside in the offensive zone, still no shots. Pretty dull for 4 1/2 minutes in. I didn't expect to have the day I had, sit through the Oilers and Wings, then the Leafs and Habs to have a 4 1/2 minute sit through of shit. Thank god I'm not at the game.But hey, that G.I Joe trailer, huh? What about that?

Alex Tanguay takes the first penalty of the game 6:28 into the first. Lets see if they can bring the special teams back from the dead here for a big opening goal. The power play looks...odd. Daniel on the point with Henrik, Schroeder and Burrows up front. #k

While the Canucks didn't score, Mason Raymond was beaned with a puck, he may or may not lose some teeth. Brutal. Leland Irving did his best Kiprusoff impression by removing his mask and squinting before and after he has some water. So there's that...that happened on the power play.

Cory Schneider makes his first save just about halfway through the first period and it's a big one, nice kick save. The play goes back the other way and Kassian threads the needle for Chris Higgins who makes a beautiful tip but Irving gets there like a fucking asshole and saves it. Still scoreless.

Tim, that guy is fucking useless! Lol. Proving, only to me probably, that if you wear number 15 then you're probably useless. Sorry Volpatti, not sorry Dany Heatley. Anyways, I heard a commotion in the other room when i was getting my kid back to bed, did I miss something? It's still scoreless, so I'll guess no.

Pretty lackluster first period, the Flames get a late one after Edler doesn't play the body and his stick is broken. The Canucks have been outshout 11-7, they're 0/1 on the power play and we got to see Daniel Sedin play the point. Lets hope that never fucking happens again.

The Second Period

26 seconds into the second period, the Canucks get their second power play and Daniel is on the fucking point...again. But, never the less, the Canucks are 0/2 on the power play, this one didn't look as pathetic, but they still weren't able to capitalize on their chances. Canucks now head to the box and their PK will be tested early as Max Lapierre sits for two minutes for holding the stick.

The Canucks are able to kill it off, but oddly enough the Flames best chance comes after the end of the man advantage. Chris Tanev is checked off the puck and Blake Comeau is left alone in front but robbed by Cory Schneider.

The Canucks best chance of the period so far has come at 7:06 when the top line works a little magic, not much, just kind of lucked it out and Henrik was robbed by Irving. Oh, I forgot to mention, Raymond is back with what looks like stitches. Either way, it doesn't matter, it looks like herpes, bru. Good luck getting a good night smootch from the wife tonight.

The Sedin's with their best shift of the game and it's a goal, it's a lucky one, but it's a goal. Henrik threw it on goal and Burrows found it and poked it in. As things would have it, the Canucks are going right back to the power play after the goal. Third time lucky because Jordan Schroeder scores his first NHL goal and the Canucks take a 2-1 lead.

The refs like the Canucks tonight, which seems like it will hurt them in the long run, BUT, they're going back to the power play for the fourth time tonight after Keith Ballard was tripped by Juri "Oh yeah, I'll sign anywhere for that much money" Hudler. The best chance came about half way through the power play when Hamhuis fed Raymond a nice cross-ice pass that Irving was able to slide across and get. The Canucks unable to score on the power play are 1/4 on the night.

Schneider got a little work after the power play as Tanguary and Iginla had a couple of quick chances, but were both stopped. Jarome must hate it in Calgary, probably not, but whatever. The Canucks are going to be short handed now, Higgins, who drew the penalty that led to the go ahead goal is headed to the box for holding.

One observation about the Flames power play: Dennis Wideman looks really stumpy. Like kind of hunched down with short hockey pants and a tiny stick. Either way, the Flames are also unable to take advantage of being a man up. It's still 2-1.

Remember when I ripped on Bieksa? Well, he clearly read my blog (no fucking chance of that. Zero) because he scored off a great shot on an even better set up from the brothers Sedin. The period ends with the Canucks up 3-1, scoring on the power play, killing off two penalties and outshooting the Flames 22-20.

The Third Period

I wonder if the Canucks dig their heels in and sit back during the third. Up 3-1 it doesn't sound too far off, but here we go, like the sands through the...ah shut the fuck up, the third period is about to start and what a start. Chris Higgins 1:18 in makes it 4-1 Vancouver. He had to have read the recap I did where I talked about him. Told him to get it together, baby, and it looks like he has. Well done, sir.

Kassian had a helluva chance off a nice steal in the Calgary zone. The only thing it results in is a Vancouver power play. Once again, the power play does nothing. Well, I shouldn't say that, I mean they did get one tonight at least, but throughout the game when they've been up a man, they've looked bad. Like Drew Doughty's weird lips bad.

Lots of back and forth with little legitimate scoring chances, with 9:05 left in the third the Canucks are one shot down to the Flames 27-26. I think Jordan Schroeder has looked great tonight, not just because he's scored two goals tonight, I mean that helps - a lot, but his work in the face-off circle has been good, joining the rush, not panicking with the puck. I think his play over the last 9 games has been great. Punctuated by tonight's 2 goal performance.

As a whole, I thought the Canucks played well tonight. They didn't get into penalty trouble, they were able to score on at least one power play, Jordan Schroeder scored two goals AND Schneider played great. The Canucks score five unanswered goals to beat the Flames 5-1.

Thanks for reading everyone. Get on @CBCAfterHours and ask Roberto Luongo as much as you can!

- Mitch