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The Sound of Silence - Canucks @ Wild Gamethread

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Canucks visit the Wild, and Mike Liut needs to keep his mouth shut.

Hannah Foslien

SNet Pacific, 5:00 pm PST

Rival territory: Hockey Wilderness

The Canucks are in a market where every single little detail will be analysed to death by the media and fans. If you let your tongue slip for a single second, you may end up with regret over what you said. We saw a clear example this week in Mike Liut. This topic has already been obliterated, but there is still a valuable lesson to be learned here. Mike Gillis, Alain Vigneault and company are doing their best to control our goalie situation. They have found a 1-2 punch system that has us back at the top of the division after only 9 games played, and this team's stars have yet to bring back their full fire-power. It has been explained over and over to the press that Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider are okay with riding this wave. At this point, the best sound that Mike Liut can make is that of silence.

Speaking of the goalie situation, a coin flip (not sure if AV is literal or not) means that Cory Schneider gets the start tonight in Minnesota, as the Canucks visit the Wild. Over the summer, this Minnesota team caused a few shockwaves, signing Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to huge contracts just before the lockout. So far, Zach has scored 6 goals, and leads the team with 10 points. However, Ryan has the more telling +/- stat of a -7. So far, although it appears that the team's stars have scored a lot, this team has still been letting in quite a few goals. This explains how they're only 4-4-1 so far this season.

The sound of silence would be so sweet in the Xcel Energy Centre. Coconuts go!