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Morning Buzz: Canucks and Wild tonight!

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The Canucks are actually playing the Wild tonight, unlike that fake Thursday that almost got me fired, this one is actually happening.

Hannah Foslien

Good morning, everyone, how's the day treating you? It looks nice, the birds are out, the bee's are trying to have sex with them; as is my understanding. The Canucks are actually playing tonight, unlike that fake Thursday yesterday, which was actually Wednesday just being a fucking asshole. Anyways! There's some Canucks stuff, some other hockey stuff and I try to karate job my desk in half! Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Ben "stealing soap from public pools" Kuzma talks about Cory Schneider getting the start in goal tonight for the Canucks against their "bitter rivals" the Minnesota Wild.

>> There was guest post over on the Legion of Blog today. Some handsome bastard who I imagine stands about 6'0, shock of poo-brown hair, average sense of humor and a below average credit rating. You should check it out.

>> Also, if you haven't checked out the Legion of Blog's blogcast, you're a bad, bad person. To remedy that, go check it out.

>> I wonder if Ryan Suter got the shits AND the pukes on the plane last week? Hmm, either way, I'm going to assume he had the shits. But the Wild are sick of their play, and are looking to change that against the Canucks.

>> Ryan Kesler is still with the team and skating with them, but still not quite where he needs to be in order to start playing again. I think though, while he's out he could at the very least stop pissing in the sink.

>> Jeff Angus from Canucks Army has a really good read on his Canucks line projections for when Booth and Kesler return.

>> Also from Canucks Army, Thomas Drance takes a look at which Canucks could be in Sochi, Russia, representing team Canada next year in the Winter Olympics.

I think that's it for the Canucks today, or at least this morning. Here's hoping tonight's game is a lot fuckin better than watching paint dry. The Wild have tried nothing and they're all out of ideas in terms of trying to excite people in their building.

The Other Guys:

>> I don't know why I always have a cheap laugh at Dany Heatley's misfortune, but, I get to once again, no matter how small.

>> That asshole, Lubomir Visnovsky has passed his physical with the New York Islanders and could play on Saturday. Do you think one of his teammates might shit in his laundry? I think it's possible. Gross, but possible.

>> Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy (really) Regier is making trade calls, oh and Christian Ehrhoff is likely to return to the line up tonight. I bet you he really regrets that Leino signing. Probably a lot more than he regrets investing in Crystal Pepsi.

>> In terms of coolest last names, this is probably one of them. Unfortunately, cool last names don't keep you in the NHL, not even in Edmonton.

>> Alex Kovalev is a healthy scratch tonight. This isn't all that surprising, I mean, it's not 1994 Kovalev, who oddly enough had his last name pronounced Kovalov. Remember that? Thanks a lot, John Davidson, you asshole.

>> Chicago Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa says he's turned the page on the Raffi Torres hit, but hasn't forgotten it.

Today we close with this:

>> Want to watch Carey Price get hit in the nuts during warmup? Yeah you do! Give that man the $10,000 dollars. Puck in the groin! Puck in the groin!

That's all from me today folks. This is technically before noon, so it's still the Morning Buzz! Gimme ten, Norton! Everyone else can eat shit! A big bag of shit!

Thanks for reading.

- Mitch