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Morning Buzz: The imaginary rivlary resumes tomorrow

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Canucks are in Minnesota for their imaginary rivalry game against the Wild tomorrow. Should be good, or bad. Probably bad, it's always really fucking boring against the Wild.

Hannah Foslien

Morning, everyone! The Canucks are in Minnesota for tomorrow's game against the Wild, so look forward to that snoozefest, some other stuff happened around the NHL, I'm sure and I fell a sleep on the bus and hit my head really hard. No one turn on a microwave - I don't want to piss myself and forget who I am for a half hour. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Cam Charron who can count well past 100, has an interesting piece on penalty shots in overtime.

>> The Godfather of Shap, Tony "watch me hit this fade" Gallagher has yesterdays Canucks Hat Trick.

>> Anytime you can work a "fatty" into an article about hockey, or in this case Chris Tanev's first NHL goal, you deserve a pat on the back. Since Jason Botchford won't let me anywhere near him, would someone kindly let him know I think this is a job well done?

>> As I mentioned before, the Canucks are in Minnesota, which happens to be where Jordan Schroeder is from. Neat.

>> A little bit more from Tony "Air" Gallagher - Every game the Canucks win now, helps Ryan Kesler in May.

>> Thomas Drance from Canucks Army gets into why the Laurence "The Professor" Gilman and Mike "Sand Bags" Gillis were on the East coast.

That's all the Canucks shap this morning, sure to be more later when I log off. You know how it goes. Lets see what those other assholes are up to, yeah?

The Other Guys:

>>In case you missed it, BJ Crombeen got knocked the fuck out last night by Zack Rinaldo. Want to see it? Well, here you go.

>> The Winnipeg Jets have sent Mark Scheifele back to the Barrie Colts. Also in the area of demotions, Columbus Bluejackets sent Ryan Johansen to the AHL.

>> Despite playing like a bag of dog shit, Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin thinks he's playing well.

>> Is there a goalie controversy happening in Anaheim? While most of you don't give two sweet fucks about it, you can still check it out.

>> Brandon Dubinsky drilled Rob Scuderi and we'll have a meeting with Brendan Shanahan. Hopefully it's not naked Wednesday at NHL head office.

>> Despite losing and sucking and Alex Ovechkin having a terrible year, the Washington Capitals believe they're still moving in the right direction.

>> In case you missed it, Duncan Keith actually fought someone last night. It came after Sharks center Andrew Desjardins leveled Blackhawks forward Jamal Mayers in a clean, open ice hit. Desjardins was also wrongly ejected.

Anyways, that's all for me, folks. Enjoy your day today. Thanks for reading.

- Mitch