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Vancouver Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: February 5, 2013

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After losing in a shootout to the Kings on Monday, January 28, the Canucks went on to thump on Colorado and then Chicago. I would include Edmonton (last night's game) but I do not believe the MSM counts that in this week's power rankings.

Here goes nothin':

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
15 16 The Canucks have outshot their oppponent once in the last seven games, so they can thank the tremendous goaltending they've received from Roberto Luongo (1.46 GAA, .944 SV%) who, it turns out, is still really good.
8 13
Speaking of two Number 1s… Roberto Luongo has yielded points in four straight starts (and three straight W’s) for Vancouver, a team still playing like it has higher gear to find.
13 Have we calmed down from the really slow start yet? They are settling into the season as evidenced by the nice shootout win over the Blackhawks. ... Is it a coincidence that is comes while Roberto Luongo is settling back into the No. 1 spot?
12 12 The Canucks continue to struggle offensively, although Roberto Luongo -- remember him? -- has stabilized the goaltending. That, of course, has done little to alleviate the dilemma facing GM Mike Gillis, who now has to face the fact that, early on, the asset he needs to move is now his best goaltender.
10 12 Maybe this Roberto Luongo guy will be sticking around a bit longer. He gets his fourth start in row on Monday as Vancouver faces Edmonton. If nothing else, his solid play (including a shutout) is increasing his trade value.
- 13 Inexcusable bed-shitters!
8 12 Backup goaltender Roberto Luongo is off to a great start. You can reserve judgment on his season -- 2-0-2, 1.46 goals-against average, .944 save percentage -- but his performance has been second-to-none so far. He's currently the No. 2 goaltender in the NHL in GAA and save percentage among goalies making at least four starts.
20 29

Roberto Luongo moves the Canucks up 9 slots all by himself! That's how good he is! The rest of these bums need my foot in their ass. Where's that power play? It has been abysmal for about one year now. True story. No excuse for the superstar Sedins to fail on the man advantage for this long. They are too skilled to be held off the scoresheet THIS LONG on the PP.

Damned Canucks. Never good enough. Grumble grumble! Score more goals, dammit! Luongo can't bail you out forever!

Update: Yes Luongo can! And....Yay Tanev!

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