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Welcome To The Luongo Show - Canucks @ Oilers Gamethread

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While Luongo continues his hot streak, the Canucks hit the road and pay a visit to the Oilers.

Luongo >>>> Gagner.
Luongo >>>> Gagner.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

SNet Pacific, 6:30 pm PST

Rival territory: The Copper & Blue

Ever since Cory Schneider started getting more and more games last year, the "Will Roberto Luongo get traded?" conversation has grown to ridiculous proportions. A few events haven't helped, such as Cory taking over in the playoffs, and a few of the things Luie said to the press last summer. We now find ourselves 3 weeks since the lockout has ended, and what a surprise: we still have both goalies. It even reached the point of one of our regulars having a contest guessing where Luongo would be traded to and for, or how many games he'd be playing for the Canucks. Well, tonight he starts his 5th game of the season as a Canuck, which is on pace for my guess of him getting 27 games with Vancouver this season. He's obviously on his A-game right now, so why not ride the hot streak as long as we can?

He gets to start yet another game tonight, as the Canucks have travelled to Edmonton to face the Oilers. The young Oil boys have had a strong start, although they suffered a loss to Colorado the other night. They are tied with Minnesota at 9 points, only 1 point behind our NW lead. Nail Yakupov has quickly become a fan favourite, leading the team with 5 goals and the most talked-about celebrations of said goals. Sam Gagner has also been hot lately, with 3 goals and 6 assists for a team-leading 9 points. Devan Dubnyk has also started very strong, with a 0.925 SV%.

Don't give these little boys any reason to celebrate. Coconuts go!