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Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: February 26, 2013

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Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
8 5 2-2-2 over the last six isn't anything to write home about and no one wants to relive the debacle in Detroit Sunday, giving up eight goals and firing a season-low 21 shots on goal against the Red Wings.
8 5 The Sedin twins are starting to turn up the heat, but the Canucks have lost five of their last seven and defenceman Kevin Bieksa (lower body) was injured Friday.

They've played pretty good competition in the last six games but still, they lost four of them (two in a shootout) ... I guess it was bound to happen that Roberto Luongo would come down from that great save percentage. Regression stinks.

Ed. note: What a lazy fucking narrative that is.

4 4

I know, I know, the Canucks got waxed in Detroit on Sunday. But to me they're still the fourth-best team in the league right now if the playoffs were to start today. Having Ryan Kesler back totally changes the dynamic of their offense.

Ed note: I like you, Pierre LeBrun.

3 7

OK. The 8-3 setback against the Red Wings on Sunday wasn’t pretty. Still, February hasn’t been too bad. Vancouver is 7-2-2 in the month entering this week.

Ed. Note: Well....shit. Ok then. Dat's cool.

6 3 Canucks shelled 8-3 in Detroit Sunday and now have identical home and away marks (5-2-2).
6 4 Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin are 1-2 in scoring for the Canucks with 19 points and 17 points, respectively, in 18 games. The last time they didn't finish 1-2 in team scoring was 2005-06, when Markus Naslund finished first with 79 points with Henrik (75) and Daniel (71) finishing second and fourth. The last time neither Sedin was in the top two was '03-04 (Naslund, Brendan Morrison).
8 6 Gotta drop them down a bit after the tail end of their road trip. There are some other pretty smokin' teams out there right now, and that includes the Ducks, Hawks and Canadiens. True story. Oh, and fuck the Bruins.
30 NR

Topics: The coaching staff continues to fail, Please stop the diving, Kesler a severely over-rated Player, D-Core needs their own players only meeting, Too many grinders on this team, Fire AV and Bowness, etc.

Ed. Note: I am not making this shit up.

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