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Battle Of The Beasts - Canucks @ Predators Gamethread

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As the Canucks visit the Predators, Ryan Kesler gets to show off his beastmode against the beastly goaltender Pekka Rinne.

Beast against beast.
Beast against beast.
Rich Lam

SNet Pacific, 5:00 pm PST

Rival territory: On the Forecheck

I must say, it is awesome having Ryan Kesler back from injury. He returned last week, and has earned 4 points in 4 games so far. He has only been below 50% in the faceoff circle in 1 game (and that was a 48% against Chicago), filling in the gap left by Manny Malhotra. He is already playing an average of 20 minutes a night, and has started off his shortened season very well.

Tonight, the Canucks visit Nashville, where The Almighty Keslord has had much success in years past. However, this game will not be easy, because he will face a well-known rival. Pekka Rinne, who was subjected to many of Kesler's goals in the past years, has started off the 2013 season with a 1.67 GAA, 0.935 SV%, and 3 shutouts. He's right at the top of the league again. He won't let this be an easy game for the Canucks, nor will the rest of the Predators.

Let's see if it comes down to beast against beast. Coconuts go!