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Morning Buzz: Canucks win in Dallas, move on to play the Nashville Underwood's Tonight

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Canucks beat the starts 4-3 last night, they move on to play Carrie Underwood's husbands team. What are they called? Doesn't matter. Either way, this rain sucks, and I hope you're not stuck in it.

Ronald Martinez

Morning, folks! Today we have some Canucks stuff and some other NHL stuff. It's raining like a mother fucker in the lower mainland today and it has rendered my umbrella totally fucking useless! All kinds of shap today, folks. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> The Canucks beat the Dallas Stars 4-3 in a much needed bounce back game. Jason Botchford talks about how the revamped D totally redeemed itself.

>> More Jason "third degree shap-belt" Botchford with The Nightly Provies. Some great ones in there today.

>> Why not complete the Jason Botchford hat trick, am I right? Botch talks about how the Canucks best power play was all about playing keep away. I played keep away last weekend, ended up tagging my buddy in the toe with a puck. Hilarious.

>> Steve Ewen still doesn't have a nick name from me yet, but I suppose he'll get one sooner or later with the amount of Kris Kross he listens too. But until then we'll have to make due with The Canucks Hat Trick.

>> Jim Jamieson who sent me the funniest and most confusing spam DM over Twitter, writes about Canucks prospect Brendan Gaunce. How his two-way game should transition nicely to the pros.

>> Who has the nicest Dog House in the league? Not Vancouver, here we have the Dog Mansion, according to Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis. Also from PITB, video of the Canucks playing keep away on the power play last night and a game recap.

>> Sounds like Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos has taken a mulligan on his stance with Roberto Luongo, very interesting read here.

>> A few hits from the fine folks from Canucks Army. Jordan Clarke has this week in Canucks Quips, while Thom Drance has a game recap of last night's game against the bastard Dallas Stars.

That's all for the Canucks, I'll edit once a certain something comes out a little later today! What are those other assholes up to today?

The Other Guys:

>> When doing these types of posts, today is a day you dream about. A day were there's all kinds of stuff to talk about, and not stuff like "Oh, Jared Boll is actually a fantastic cook, I bet you didn't know that!" but stuff like Rick DiPietro being placed on fucking waivers! That's right, the New York Islanders will now have over $8 million dollars spent on goalies who aren't even playing in the NHL! Oh, don't forget about Alexei Yashin! Fuck. How does this team continue to operate?! This is just too much.

>> What could I follow the DiPietro news up with, hmm, geez I don't about Taylor Hall turning into a total douche and taking out Minnesota Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck? Yep! Watch the video of it, too. By the way, Hall will have a hearing today.

>> To the surprise of no one at all, Erik Karlsson blames his season ending injury on Matt Cooke. He says some pretty interesting things, worth a read. Also in Ottawa Senators news, goalie Craig Anderson will be out 3-4 days with an ankle injury.

>> Talk about scary, last night Detroit Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey landed awkwardly on the face of an already fallen Artem Anisimov. Anisimov was taken to hospital and kept over night as a precaution.

>> And last and certainly least, Chicago Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa will play tonight against the San Jose Sharks. Hossa, who was hit with an "illegal forearm to the head" by Vancouver Canucks forward Jannik Hansen, left Tuesday night's game and didn't return.

That's all from me today folks! What a shitty fucking start to a weekend. Rain that comes at you from ALL angles, soaks your pants, ruins your umbrella and pisses you off. What a day, what a day. Hope yours goes much better.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch