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Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: February 20, 2013

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Keep in mind that most of the mainstream media rankings were released on February 18th or so.

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
5 6 Managed to do better than just treading water while Ryan Kesler and David Booth were out, so now that Kesler is back and Booth is on the way, the Canucks have loads of depth up front that should serve them well the rest of the way.
5 4 The Canucks hit the road having earned points in eight of their last nine games. Plus, Ryan Kesler and David Booth are now back in the lineup.
5 How nice is it to have Ryan Kesler back? Very, very nice. ... Can't say I saw the winning streak ending vs. the Flames. Still, that's points in eight of the last nine games.
6 3 The Canucks couldn't hang on to 1-0 and 2-1 leads against the St. Louis Blues on Sunday and lost in a shootout, the second straight game in which they've blown leads.
7 6

Ryan Kesler has points in his first two games since returning shoulder and wrist surgeries. Although not fully able to take advantage of a four-game homestead as they closed out the series with consecutive losses, the Canucks haven’t been a bad run of late.

N/A 3 THN has no ranking at this time. Bed shitters!
4 4 After ripping off six straight wins, the Canucks welcomed back Ryan Kesler, and of course they lost two straight because hockey doesn't make sense sometimes. The Canucks head to Chicago on Tuesday, and it will be interesting to see if Roberto Luongo gets the start in United Center.
6 1 Since the rest of the guys above were putting their rankings out pre-Chicago, I will too. That means David Booth gets a pass this week. I will crucify him next week if the team keeps losing because you know, Booth should be blamed for everything. 0-2 with Kesler after a 6-game win streak. It makes sense to me, It's disrupted chemistry. The Canucks may take a bit to gel with a full lineup.

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