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Morning Buzz: least they got a point, right?

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Last night looked a little more like a Blackhawks and Canucks game. Not that slapfest that happened at the beginning of the month.

Jonathan Daniel

One point is better than none, right? The Canucks managed to claw back from being down 3-1 to take it to a overtime and eventually lose in a shootout. Cory Schneider was unreal, Jannik Hansen is going to get suspended. What a day! Lets get at it.

Canucks News:

>> When looking for a nice little taste of shap, look no further. Jason Botchford brings it today in his write up of last night's game. "Is there mention of jazz hands in it" you ask? You fucking KNOW there's a mention of jazz hands in it.

>> Last night Jannik Hansen and Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa collided around the Hawks bench, both reaching for a puck. Hossa took a forearm/elbow (or depending who you talk to, a Zangief style spinning back fist) to the head and left the game. Hansen will have a hearing today with the NHL at 12:30. According to coach Alain Vigneault, it wasn't even a penalty.

>> J Bowman, first name unknown, has post game quotes that he wishes were real. Fuck, I wish these were real. ""Even I hate me". Nicely done.

>> And to finish this part of, The Nightly Provies. The end quote being the best. Top drawer, Botch. Top drawer.

>> Dimitri Filipovic has a game review and chance data over at Canucks Army.

>> A couple of hits from Daniel Wagner at Pass it to Bulis. First, another recap of last nights game against the Blackhawks and the other, where he ponders how long the current Canucks D pairings will last.

That appears to be all on the Canucks this morning. Stay tuned for the NHL shitting all over Hansen!

The Other Guys:

>> Insert Alex Burrows slew-foot joke here. But Mark Giordano of the Calgary Flames isn't going to be laughing as the league as fined him for his very own slew-foot. Didn't realize how much those suck until I had one done to me. Not that fun.

>> The Anaheim Ducks have signed goalie Viktor Fasth to a two year contract extension. Sucks to be Hiller, but I can't help but think that somewhere former Ducks goalie J.S Giguere is having a good chuckle.

>> New York Rangers forward Rick Nash won't travel with the team to Ottawa to face the Senators. Nash is missing his second straight game with an undisclosed injury.

>> Mikael Samuelsson likes a big body, he's solid, but has a broken finger and will be out for a while. Meanwhile, goalie Jimmy Howard is being tested for blurry vision. Yikes. Who bare-ass farted on his pillow? I'm looking at you, Jordan Tootoo.

>> There's a report today that the NHL will announce the 2014 Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs in the early spring.

Think I'll end it there, everyone. Hope you have a good day today, enjoy the...uhh, rain? Don't let Jordan Tootoo near your pillow unless you want blurry and shitty eyes. Ask Jimmy Howard - it's no good.

Thanks for reading.

- Mitch