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Hansen Suspended 1 Game For Hit On Marian Hossa

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Looks eerily familiar
Looks eerily familiar

UPDATE: I'll just provide the video of Brendan Shanahan explaining his ruling:

Interesting how he talks about Hossa's hand being open to stop the puck and Hansen's hands being closed. Also called it "careless".


Earlier today:

A strange play occurred in last night's game between the Canucks and Blackhawks. The puck was flipped in the air into the direction of Marian Hossa and Jannik Hansen. Within seconds Hossa had knocked it out of the air, Hansen swung at it, and all of a sudden Hossa was laying face down on the ice. Check it out:

Now, that is one tricky situation. The Chicago guys doing the commentary had no problem saying Hansen was not even going for the puck and that it was a "forearm shiver" to the back of the head. I am not going to be so quick to judge. It all happens so fast in real time. If you slow it down to super slow replay then yea, it does look like Hansen is more aiming to whack Hossa.

Was this Hansen using the concept of potentially grabbing the puck out of the air to get in a cheapshot? I find that hard to believe. We're talking about him making a conscious decision to do so in the matter of a second or a few.

Hansen echoes my sentiments, kind of:

"It's out of my hands," Hansen said. "The game is happening very fast out there. It's up to them to look at it now. I don't believe there is out of what I saw.

"We were both kind of jumping for the puck. He grabs the puck first and as I'm coming down I kind of land on him a little bit. Apparently, I hit him in the back of the head is what the ref was telling me once I come down. It's hard for me to tell what really happened."

Is Hansen a dirty player in general? No. Not that I have seen. But this isn't the first time he has done something strange. He crosschecked a ref recently against the Sharks:

No penalty came out of that. Bloggers pointed it out but nothing happened. There was no penalty on his play with Hossa either, except for a roughing call that I believe occurred after the incident.

There is obvious concern about Hossa's concussion history after he was obliterated by Raffi Torres last year. There is no big update on his condition right now.

This all strikes me that Hansen is a bit reckless because of his die hard playing style and that this was not done with malicious intent. But that is no excuse. He will have a hearing with League officials today at 3:30 pm and may get a short suspension due to the strict headshot policy in the NHL.

What's your take on it?