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Morning Buzz: Canucks beat the Blackhawks in a shootout

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Morning, everyone, Canucks won last night in what was a very underwhelming game for all the set up it got, but hey, if you're going to make them pay, might as well be on the score sheet, right?

Rich Lam

How's the shap this morning? Canucks with a big, but boring with over their nemesis Chicago Blackhawks, and some other stuff happened around the league. Oh yeah, it's Saturday, what the fuck am I doing here? Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Jason Botchford loves a good Bounty Bar covered in HP sauce, he also talks about the Canucks snoozing to victory last night.

>> Wyatt "How did you get my phone number and why do you call me sobbing at 3 am?" Arndt has another great Rock Review.

>> Cam Charron has last night's game recap and chance data over at Canucks Army.

>> Another recap of last night's game, courtesy of Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis.

I think that's it. Shit...maybe that's why I don't do this on weekends? Oh well, there's your Canucks news this morning, folks. Lets see what those other assholes got themselves into.

The Other Guys:

>> David Backes was given five and a game last night for a perfectly legal body check. Yep, that actually happened. Luckily, it was rescinded by the league today.

>> Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban makes his return to the line up today as the Habs play the Sabres.

>> Ray "The Wizard" (his actually nickname apparently) Whitney has been placed on the IR. No doubt it's because he forgot his brain pills, or something that old people have to take?

>> Washington Capitals defenseman John Erskine (who most definitely was, or still is called "Foreskin") will have a hearing with the NHL at some point. In case you missed it, Foreskin Erskine gave Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds the old chicken wing and likely a concussion to go along with it.

That's pretty much it. These Saturday's are slower than fuck. Oh well, you guys have a good weekend. Thanks for reading.

- Mitch