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Afternoon Buzz: Canucks and Blackhawks Tonight!

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The Canucks are in Chicago for the first game of a four game road trip. David Booth is back in the line up and Cory Schneider starts. Fuck you! I started writing this before noon!

Rich Lam

Hey folks, sorry (no I'm not really) about the lateness of the Morning Afternoon Buzz this morning, but real work took priority. But here we are, the Canucks are in Chicago tonight, the bear baiting golden haired bow hunting...something or other, David Booth is back in the line up for the first time this season. There's some other NHL stuff, just you wait and see. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> The coin is out and it appears AV is just flip-flopping between both goalies. At least that's the cut of Shap from Jason Botchford this morning.

>> It's not a funeral, it's a party....err, I mean, not just another game, it's an event! So says Jordan Schroeder of games against the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center.

>> A few hits from Canucks Army this morning. Dimitri Filipovic has as a hair-pullingly good preview of tonight's Canucks game. Patrick Johnston ponders on what to do with David Booth and Cam Charron who enjoyed a laugh with me once about Prince Fielder doing the splits talks about the Canucks 5-on-3 against the St. Louis Blues the other night.

>> Hey, Harrison Mooney from Pass it to Bulis wonders if the Canucks are doing right by Manny and has a great moment to re-live, Henrik Sedin's record break point.

That appears to be it for the Canucks today. Hmm, strange. Anyways, lets see what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> Not one but SEVEN Boston Bruins players missed practice with flu-like symptoms. Do you smell that? Yeah, it's bullshit and it's being laid on nice and thick. One or two? Sure. Seven? Sounds like it was someones birthday and seven guys got loser-pissed and have been shitting themselves blind. Just my shap.

>> Hey! NHL GM's are going to talk about the size of goalie equipment again! That shouldn't piss anyone off, right?

>> Some good news for that Colorado Avalanche fan as team captain Gabriel Landeskog returned to practice today.

>> Jordan Tootoo makes his return to Nashville tonight for the first time. Tootoo spent a lot of years being a total fucking shit in Nashville, so it'll be an emotional one for him, I'm sure.

>> This is cute. Nail Yakupov celebrated his ass off against the Los Angeles Kings this season, but he's convinced they will not retaliate tonight against him.

>> Good news for the pride of Lethbridge, Alberta and the Florida Panthers. Kris Versteeg doesn't have a concussion.

>> Fuck. It's SO nice to see this happen to other goalies. GOOD goalies, too! Watch as Max Pacioretty scores on Cam Ward from center!

That's it for me. It's 12:04, so if you want to complain about it, go a head, but really...why are you complaining about it? Thanks for reading!

- Mitch