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Morning Buzz: David Booth is back, Ebbett waived and it's a pants party in my office

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David Booth will play his first game of the season on Tuesday against the Chicago Blackhawks, in order to do this, the Canucks placed Andrew Ebbett on waivers. It's a pants party, meaning I have new pants.

Rich Lam

Good morning, everyone, I trust you are well. If not, well, get well? Actually, you know what? I wish that there was a greeting card that said "Heard you hard a stroke". If there was I would give it to people on birthday's and Christmas. Fantastic idea, someone needs to look into this. Anyways, the Canucks played last night and it didn't go that well. Andrew Ebbett was placed on waivers this morning to make room for David Booth to return. That and much a little bit more. Lets get at it.

Canucks News:

The Canucks lost last night to the St. Louis Blues in a shootout. We found out that David Backes is a real piece of shit and that T.J Oshie does know how to shoot the puck.

>> Ben Kuzma enjoys couscous and fine wine, probably not true at all, but he brings the shap this morning in the The Provies and Canucks Hat Trick.

>> Speaking of shap, Tony Gallagher talks about Mason Raymond and how he keeps on keeping on, but wonders if he can keep it up.

>> Ed Willies has a weird voice. Anyone else notice that? Anyways, he draws parallels to the Canucks and teen's driving sports cars, saying neither know how to use it.

>> From the fella's at the Legion of Blog, we have Wyatt "don't go in my fridge without asking" Arndt investigating the facial hair of the Vancouver Canucks. Also, Cam Charron talks about the resurgence of Keith Ballard and how it adds defensive depth.

>> Patrick Johnston and his hockey team lost to mine on the weekend, but he also has some great stuff on last night's Canucks game over at Canucks Army. By the way, does anyone else ever wonder if Keith Tkachuk got really fucking fat? Like Louie Anderson fat?

>> Harrison Mooney at Pass it to Bulis has the video of Luongo getting "Oshie'd" last night. Huh...Oshie'd. Not bad.

That's all for the Canucks this morning. You fucking KNOW shit will go down after I post this. But lets see what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> Not only are the Islanders not sucking the usual amount of shit they usually suck, but John Tavares was named the NHL's first star for the week. Neat.

>> Jeff Seymour Skinner will be out of action on Monday, the Hurricanes aren't sure if it's concussion like symptoms.

>> Apparently the Philadelphia Flyers head coach and GM jobs are safe, even though they're sucking something fierce at a disappointing 6-9-1.

>> Brandon Dubinksy is unavailable tonight for the Columbus Blue Jackets with a knee injury. Lets be real, it's a "I play in fucking Columbus injury".

That's it this morning. I have to get to work, who would have thought that would happen right in the middle of this? Son of a bitch...

Anyways, thanks for reading, hope you're day goes as well as mine was.

- Mitch