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I'll Take One For The Road - Canucks vs Blues Gamethread

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Canucks host the Blues, in the last game at home before hitting the road.

Dilip Vishwanat

SNet Pacific, 6:00 pm PST

Rival territory: St. Louis Game Time

That was a rather interesting game the other night. All the hype of Ryan Kesler returning, coupled with Henrik Sedin taking over as the franchise's all-time scoring leader, added for an emotional 2nd period. However, all this excitement probably caused the Canucks to lose focus on the game, and Dallas has able to capitalize on that. Vancouver had their winning streak snapped at 6 games.

Now they come to their last home game before a big road trip, hosting the Blues tonight. St. Louis has had one of the stronger starts to the season, but has had their share of trouble the last while. Jaroslav Halak is returning from injury tonight, but is expected to sit on the bench while Jake Allen gets another start. Brian Elliott has returned to his crappy form from before that stellar run last season. As for the skaters, their scoring has been rather inconsistent, going from 5 goals in 1 game to 1 goal in the next.

Let's make some momentum to take on the road. Coconuts go!