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Morning Buzz: Kesler probably returns tonight. Maybe.

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Game day edition of the Morning Buzz where I will cover nothing to do with pregame write ups or predictions. Yeah! The Canucks are back in action tonight against the Dallas Stars. Ryan Kesler is returning tonight and the Canucks begin life without Manny.

Jonathan Daniel

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well on this amazing Friday. Watch, because I said "amazing Friday" my day is going to turn into a total pile of shit. Ah, fuck. Anyways, it's game day, the Canucks are playing the Dallas Assholes Stars, Ryan Kesler returns to the line up tonight and more importantly, Aaron Rome is returning to Vancouver. Aaron Rome. Yep. I heard that guy can eat an entire garlic sausage in one go. We've got some other NHL stuff so lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> I always like the cut of Jason Botchford's shap. In fact, he could record an album of him farting on a snare drum and I'd buy it...or at least download it illegally, either way, here's his take on Kesler coming back tonight.

>> The Legion of Blog isn't paying me to put this in here, in fact, they aren't paying me at all. But they sure hit it out of the park, or at least made good contact on a ground rule double with this week in Canucks photoshops.

>> Also from the Legion is the Legion of Blogcast Ep. 13 Where Roberto Luongo steals Wyatt Arndt. Literally. If you see Wyatt could you please tell him I've got his ear medicine and he needs to take it.

>> In case you missed it yesterday, the Canucks have shut down Manny Malhotra's season and put him on the injured reserve. Tough break for a great guy. Sucks to hear and as Ed Willies from the Province says, it's easy to replace the player that Malhotra was, but not the person.

>> The Godfather of shap and the only man to score two straight triple doubles at his age talks about Max Lapierre's move down in the line up to make way for Ryan Kesler. Tony Gallagher, folks.

>> From Northwest Sports Beat, Richard Hodges has his pregame write up, news and notes. See what I did there? Threw in a pregame write up! Ha!

>> Also, this handsome motherfucker who happens to have a slightly above average credit rating, an OK smile and a fantastic head of hair has some Canucks news and notes as well.

>> A few things to pass your way from the fine folks at Canucks Army. Dimitri Filipovic's SYAE Podcast and Jordan Clarke's Canucks week in quips.

That's all for Canucks news, folks. Enjoy your day, make it a great start to the weekend. Enjoy the game tonight. Lets see what those other bastards are up to on this Friday.

The Other Guys:

>> Chicago Blackhawks goalie Cory Crawford looks like he's kicked a puppy is out of tonight's game with an upper-body injury.

>> Ottawa Senators owner is outraged that his $6.5 million dollar a year investment Erik Karlsson isn't playing and that Matt Cooke is still in the NHL.

>> Todd Bertuzzi is out for the foreseeable future with a back injury, he was placed on the IR today, and the Wings have a mystery player who is also hurt.

>> Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi says Drew Doughty has grown up a lot. I bet he even sleeps in a big boy bed and puts his toys away!

>> Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller will not play for a third straight game, leading to another Viktor Fasth start.

That's all today. There will be more, I'm sure, but you know what happens when I hit post. Anyways, you guys have a great weekend. Enjoy the Canucks game tonight.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch