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Canucks Brunch- Let's Talk Day-

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If you've been around Nucks Misconduct for a reasonable length of time, you probably know how significant this day is to me. A couple years ago I broke my silence and talked publicly about my battle with depression. Last year, I talked about how things had improved. This year, I want to talk about the importance of making your voice heard, and what to do when someone you love is dealing with this.

Rich Lam

And if you've been around here a while, you are no doubt familiar with Laurie aka MrsWaachcast. She's been through a lot helping me get a handle on this. But she's also had to fight her own battle with depression, and it's something that I wanted to discuss this year. What do you do when the person you love; your partner, a parent, a child, or a close friend tells you that they're depressed? How do you help someone when nothing seems to help?

The first thing you need to understand, is that you haven't done anything wrong. Depression is most often caused by chemical changes in the brain. They can happen at any time to anyone. And when it does, you have to understand that there will be times when nothing you say or do is going to help, or so it seems. The important thing to remember, is to let that person know that you're there for them. Be patient. Be understanding. It affects each person differently, so I can only speak to how it affected me personally, but at the height of it, it felt like it was dark all the time. My body ached, physically ached at the thought of leaving the house. As a person who was fairly social, it was strange because I had almost out of body experiences, talking myself out of things like meeting up with friends, or going to concerts.

It can be a very taxing experience. The person you know and love, seemingly changing in front of your eyes. It's been difficult to see Laurie during these times. She's such a bright, vibrant person. At a former job someone told her that she 'has a grace for people' and it's one of the best ways to describe her. She can make anyone feel special just by talking to them, and has had a profound impact on me not just through our relationship, but in helping me see and utilize the talents I have. I would not be writing for Nucks Misconduct today if not for her pushing me, and challenging myself.

If you think someone you love is suffering, you have to remember they don't actually want to be left alone. There are many ways to get help. The course of treatment is going to be different for each person, so I don't want to say one thing will work over another. But taking that first step, in just talking about it with them is so crucial. Nothing is ever so bad that you can't get through it together. And during those dark days, do whatever you can to show them that any movement forward, no matter how minute is a victory. It might even be simply getting dressed that day. That may sound silly, but believe me, there will be days when the simplest of things stare you down like a giant brick wall. Be there. Be ready to talk. Use resources available to you. And don't be afraid to seek professional help.

Laurie and I are getting through this together. We have good and bad days, and sometimes one of us is more up than the other. It's important to remember each day is an opportunity to get better and reclaim yourself. I want to thank Sean and Yankee for allowing me this platform, which has been so crucial in my recovery. If you have experiences dealing with this, please share your story with us today in the comments. And if you're on twitter, please use the #BellLetsTalk hashtag, every tagged tweet sees them donate 5 cents to mental health issues in Canada. And please take time today to visit and to get involved with Vancouver Canucks initiatives aiding mental health issues.

Now, onto the game tonight. The Canucks are back at it after a couple days rest following their 5-1 thrashing of the Flames on the weekend, this time hosting the Minnesota Wild, who beat said Flames last night in a shootout in Calgary. Since everyone, qualified or not has spoken in terms of the 'goaltending controversy' that 'rages' here, you no doubt know that Roberto Luongo is starting for Canucks tonight. While much is made of the Canucks struggles in Minnesota (noticeably absent on Thursday in a 4-1 win over the Wild), the same folks seem silent when it comes to looking at how Minny does at Rogers Arena. Try 10 straight losses. They've shut them out in three of the last 4 meetings. That's dominance, folks.

Other than that, the lineup appears to be the same. Ryan Kesler and David Booth are practicing with the team, but not taking physical contact yet. I have to say that the team is doing much better than I had anticipated given the injuries starting the season, as well as new faces and such. A win tonight will make 6 in a row as they prepare to take on Dallas Friday and the struggling St. Louis Blues Sunday before a big road trip that starts Tuesday in Chicago.

French Toast Tuesday

Apart from Sharks fans, I dare say there were few who didn't enjoy watching Columbus stomp a mudhole in San Jose last night, with a 6-2 win. Regression is hitting some teams hard, and after their torrid start the Sharks suddenly look human. Patrick Marleau is playing like himself again. Now to wait for the Blackhawks to falter... The Calgary Flames goaltending situation got more confusing as they claimed Joey MacDonald on waivers from Detroit on the same day Miikka Kiprusoff tested out his injured knee. We'll know soon if he's out or not, but you have to think any long period of time without Kiprusoff all but seals the Flames fate already this season...


A song from Testament that the band used back in the day to help raise awareness of the issues we're talking about today. I played this song on my tv show in Kamloops a number of times, and so it seems appropriate today.