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A Rematch Already? - Canucks vs Wild Gamethread

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We really have to see these guys again? Oh well, Canucks host the Wild. An extra bonus: how a Monty Python sketch can compare to the Northwest Division.

Rich Lam

TSN, 7:00 pm PST

Rival territory: Hockey Wilderness

It feels like we just saw these guys, and that feeling has some truth to it. The Canucks visited the Wild just last week, and we took home the 4-1 win. Now, they come to visit us, and we're not as worried. As we said repeatedly the other week, the Canucks usually have a rough time at the Xcel Energy Centre, and we were happy to leave with a fairly strong win. Well, a very similar thing can be said for the Wild visiting Rogers Arena, the Vancouver building where they currently have a 10-game losing streak.

Let's hope we can continue that losing streak. Coconuts go!

PS: This is obviously a shorter thread tonight, since I had no idea what to talk about. However, I did find a rare Monty Python clip to share with you instead. I can still tie it into hockey though: imagine that Terry Gilliam is us, Michael Palin is Minnesota, and Terry Jones is Calgary. If you're a silly twit who has no idea which Python member is which, the video will make it obvious.

"Comedy Lecture" - Monty Python ao vivo (via leandrotsilva)