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Vancouver Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: February 12, 2013

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The Canucks jump up the MainStream Media's lists right across the board! No surprise, though. They are on fire. It's pretty obvious that the Blackhawks, Bruins and Devils are tops on most lists.

Anyway, enjoy! There is a bit of gold in here, Jerry.

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
6 15 One regulation loss in the last nine has the Canucks back in their familiar perch atop the Northwest Division and it's thanks, at least in part, to their spectacular "backup" goaltender, Roberto Luongo, who has a 1.53 GAA and .940 SV%.
4 8 Apparently, it matters not which way coach Alain Vigneault’s coin falls. Schneider or Luongo are both playing like DJ Khaled: All they do is win. Five in a row, Canucks fans.
10 Death, taxes and the Canucks being atop the Northwest Division. You can take these to the bank it seems. ... Great news not only for the team but GM Mike Gillis; Cory Schneider has regained his form from last season. He took back-to-back starts and gave up two combined goals.
3 12 Speaking of 2011 contenders, two years later the Canucks also appear to have an eye on the prize again. Whether it's Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider, it appears Alain Vigneault's flip of a coin is never wrong.
6 10

Shocker that Canucks general manager Dan Gillis says he won’t offload goalie Roberto Luongo unless the price is right. It’s really "the price" and whether Luongo’s protégé, Cory Schneider, shows he’s capable by the April 3 trade deadline. **EDIT** Good to see they got our GM's name right! As for the rest of the rest of Fox's blurb....WOW!

3 13 Canucks have won five straight thanks in large part to Roberto Luongo (1.53 goals-against average, .940 save percentage).
4 8 The Canucks are scoring 2.82 goals per game without Ryan Kesler, a minimal drop-off from their 2.94 per game last season. A big reason is the offense coming from the blue line -- Canucks defensemen have eight goals in 11 games after scoring 40 in 82 games last season.
1 20 Oh my lord! Plan the parade! This is the best Canucks team EVER! No Kesler? No problem! Goals coming from everywhere! Two gods in net! Wooooo! We are going to win every game from here - out! Halleluiah!

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