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Canucks Recall Frankie Corrado, McGratton And Luongo Updates


With Andrew Alberts likely taking the precautionary week off for concussion reasons, the Canucks only had 5 d-men with the team, as Ryan Stanton and Alex Edler are also M.I.A. Bring on the Corrado! The 20 year-old only has 2 goals and 5 points in 29 games with the Utica Comets this season but we aren't using him for scoring anyway. He needs to step back in and play the solid D that he showed us last spring. Corrado played 3 games for the Canucks at the end of last season and all 4 games in the playoffs.

He did score in preseason this season though:'s feature on Corrado about his first taste of the NHL:

Good to see him get more time here.

Corrado career stats:


As for Brian McGratton and his hit on Alberts. Take a look at it:

It still looks like he got him shoulder to shoulder and then Alberts' head bangs off the glass. I don't know for sure. The refs saw an elbow, so McGratton got an elbowing and fighting major and was ejected from the game. Flames' Chris Butler said of McGratton:

"That's a guy who plays extremely hard but plays within the rules. He's not a guy going out there and giving cheap-shots to guys. He's not going after players, he's not trying to hurt anybody. He's an honest player. He always has been. I hope, for his sake, (the NHL) realizes that and nothing happens to him."

Define "hurting", Chris. I hate it when players say that.  I assume he means concussing somebody. McGratton has never been suspended. No word on whether or not he will face a hearing or phone call with the NHL. From what I can see in the clip, he won't be getting suspended.

LUONGO'S ALRIGHT is reporting that Roberto Luongo was back on the ice doing drills today. He was moving left to right with what appeared to be no problems. That's good news for a groin issue. He is not playing against the Flyers tonight though.