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Burrows Out Indefinitely With A Broken Jaw

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It appears Chris Tanev will owe Alexandre Burrows a lot of dinners and booze after his zone-clearing attempt caught Burrows in the jaw / neck area at about the 12:46 mark of the second period of the Canucks - Hurricanes game on Sunday.

Hockey players hey? Burr did play in the third period of that game and as the Province notes, even chatted with reporters afterwards, with a broken jaw.

He had it operated on on Monday and is now out indefinitely. So his first goal of the season is going to have to wait....for a fair bit longer. This is a lousy loss for the Canucks, because Burrows was excelling at all other aspects of the game and is their bonafide top 6 forward, goal drought or not.

So, who plays with the Sedins now?