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Flyers At Canucks Preview: Come Crawling Faster

Get your damned visor off, Schenn!
Get your damned visor off, Schenn!
Time Monday, 7:00 PST
TV Sportsnet Pacific
Season Series 1-0 Canucks
Last Meeting
3-2 Canucks, Oct. 15/13
The Enemy Broad Street Hockey coring Leaders H. Sedin: 9-25-34
Giroux: 10-25-35
18-16-4 SEASON RECORD 23-11-6
40 POINTS 52
Won 2
5-3-2 LAST 10 8-1-1
2.65 (15)
0.89 (22) 5 ON 5 GF / GA 1.10 (11)
18.4 (16) POWER PLAY % 15.2 (22)
82.7 (10) PENALTY KILL % 89.5 (1)
48.8 (22) FACEOFF WINS % 51.0 (13)
1000 (8) HITS
760 (27)
512 (24) BLOCKED SHOTS 606 (9)
176 (29) MINOR PENALTIES TAKEN 139 (11)

The Canucks pulled out a snoozer of a win in Calgary but the win is all that matters, especially against a team that is crappy like Calgary. Now comes the Flyers. Sure, they are in 8th spot in the East, but they really are not that good. The Canucks need to bury these guys too.

Vancouver is 6-3-0 in the second game of back to backs this season. (They are 6-3-1 in the first games of back to back games this season, FYI). They have 7 more back-to-back games this season. Wow. In this situation though, they have had a lot of rest, so fatigue is not an issue. They must pound on Philly. Whether it's 2-0 or 7-2 I don't care. I see the MSM is concerned about goals-for with the Canucks, but really, the team is a finely-tuned defensive machine right now and that works for me.


This is not the same Flyers team that the Canucks faced in October (and vice versa). Philly started the season 1-7-0, with the Canucks being one of the teams to beat them:

Most excellent! However, the Flyers have won 4 of their last 5 games, and are barely clinging to 8th spot in the East right now.  They scored 3 power play goals against Edmonton on Saturday in a 4-3 shootout win. But that's Edmonton. They now face the top penalty-killing team in the NHL. They are still only 2-4-2 in their last 8 road games.

However! Watch out for the 3 Amigos! From the Philly Enquirer:

Giroux (eight games) and Voracek (nine) have longer points streaks than Simmonds (five). But Simmonds has scored more than one goal in each of the last three games, becoming the first Flyer to accomplish that feat since Reggie Leach in 1981.

Wow, not even John Leclair or Eric Lindros could do that? Or Tim Kerr??


1. Claude Giroux: 10-25-35. Looks like he's killing that "cover of EA Sports game" curse.

2. Jakub Voracek: 9-18-27

3. Wayne Simmonds: 12-12-24

4. Brayden Schenn: 7-13-20

5. Matt Read: 10-8-18


Raffl - Giroux - Voracek

Hartnell - B. Schenn - Simmonds

Read - Couturier - Levavalier

Rinaldo - Hall - Downie

Coburn - Timonen

Streit - Grossman

L. Schenn - Meszaros

In Goal: Steve Mason

Injuries: Chris Pronger (likely done for good), Marc-Andre Bourdon (no relation to Luc), Erik Gustafsson.

I like that forward and D corp. Well, except Lecavalier, who's washed up and collecting his not-so-hard-earned pay. As Broad Street Hockey put it:

...anyone else getting worried about Vincent Lecavalier? His numbers haven't looked good and he's just seemed a step behind most of the guys he's playing with lately. Not a good sign.

And the Flyers just cannot for the life of them acquire a goaltender they can fully rely on. Isn't it great NOT having that problem, Canucks fans?

The Flyers play physical, so expect a bit more aggression from the Canucks in this one as they will be hit and hit often.

For some damned reason, whenever the Flyers play the Canucks I get flashbacks of this game between the two teams on New Year's Eve 1997:

It was one of those games that I cannot forget and I don't know why. Probably because it was one of the worst beat downs the Canucks ever received, plus all that beautiful violence! That year, the Canucks sucked (again) and the Flyers were heading to the Stanley Cup Finals. By the way, look at the sucker punches by Gino Odjick on Eric Lindros and Just think, the Canucks employed both Odjick AND Donald Brashear back then!


John Tortorella called Andrew Alberts "day-to-day" after the Calgary game, but that was because he didn't know AA's status, nor would he tell the media anyway if he knew. If Alberts is concussed and has to take the week off, expect Frankie Corrado to get the call before the Flyers game. Remember Frankie? He's cut from the same cloth as Chris Tanev. Both kids are cool, calm and steady.

Jannik Hansen suffices with the Sedins. But it's really the Higgins - Kesler - Santorelli line that is blowing me away with their work ethic, possession and output. Kesler had a monster game against Philly in October. Let's see if he can do it again.

As for Eddie Lack:

But I don't think you need any more proof from the Flames game that those GAA and Save % stats most of the time are a team stat.


Only seedvt got a point for the Flames game because he predicted this guy to score the winner (NSFW):

Here is the updated list:

FormerHab: 12

gmonk33: 12

marcness52: 12

Passive Voice: 12

Zanstorm: 12

Geordie Nuck: 11

Nathaniel Perlow: 11

Bobby Canuck: 10

Tengeresz: 10

Twitchy2010: 10

Coach Ryan: 9

nucksandpucks: 9

Azzy Mahmood: 7

itsahardknocklife: 7

jwolf0: 6

Nose_Face: 6

vancitydan: 6

Nathan k: 5

seedvt: 5

westy99: 5

Tim Burke: 4

AK_nuk: 3

BigPDog: 2

Brock: 2

canuck89: 2

ChuckinNux: 2

John Carroll: 2

kiwinuck: 2

prairienucker: 2

Smoboy41: 2

Vancouverguy: 2

CombattlerV: 1

hookedoncanuck: 1

Kent Basky: 1

Puckhead1: 1

thesporteditor: 1

The title of this preview post has been brought to you by Metallica in Antarctica:

Master! Master!