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Bruins At Canucks Preview: No Remorse. No Repent.

Yea, this moment kicked ass.
Yea, this moment kicked ass.
Harry How
Time Saturday, 7:00 PST
Season Series -
Last Meeting
4-3 Canucks Jan. 7/12
The Enemy Stanley Cup Of Chowder coring Leaders D. Sedin: 11-18-29
Krejci: 6-21-27
22-8-2 SEASON RECORD 19-10-5
46 POINTS 43
Won 4
8-2-0 LAST 10 7-2-1
2.78 (10)
1.31 (6) 5 ON 5 GF / GA 1.10 (12)
18.6 (14) POWER PLAY % 15.4 (23)
86.3 (4) PENALTY KILL % 89.9 (1)
29.5 (18) SHOTS/GAME AVG 32.5 (4)
52.5 (4) FACEOFF WINS % 51.1 (14)
817 (11) HITS
657 (21)
426 (22) BLOCKED SHOTS 504 (10)
112 (8) MINOR PENALTIES TAKEN 123 (19)

The Canucks beat the Oilers 4-0 Friday night, which, ironically, is the same score the Bruins beat the Canucks by in Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Rogers Arena... Ugh. Yes, this is the first time the Bruins play the Canucks in Vancouver since that mother****ing shitty day in 2011. Get used to hearing it. It will be the story of the night during the tilt. You will hear all sorts of references to the bad blood of that series.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest shit disturbers that wore Canucks jerseys that year will not be playing in this one:

1. Alexandre Burrows the finger muncher.

2. Maxim Lapierre The Talkative.

3. Aaron Rome the Destroyer of all things Horton.

4. Raffi Torres The Howler Monkey.

It's really only the core players from both teams from that Final that will play in this game (sans those injured, see below):

Lucic, Marchand, Bergeron, Krejci, Chara, Seidenberg, Boychuk, Campbell.

Sedins, Kesler, Bieksa, Hansen, Higgins, Hamhuis, Alberts, Tanev, Luongo.

OK, so there's enough personnel there to perhaps make this game a bit more emotional. You know the Vancouver fans are going to be into it.

The only time these 2 teams have played since the '11 Final was in January of 2012 in Boston, a 4-3 win for the Canucks:

What a filthy hit by Marchand on Salo. They don't really show it in the highlights above so here it is in depth:

No, physical response from the Canucks there. Just a bunch of useless yapping. THAT is where Marchand needed to answer for it from someone. However, those that believe that the officials should call the penalty and that the Canucks should get revenge on the scoreboard definitely got their wish. Marchand was given a 4-minute double minor for that shit hit and the Canucks scored 2 power play goals on it, including the winning goal by Cody Hodgson, so...I can get on board with that type of revenge when it works out THAT well! Marchand also got a 5-game suspension for dusting Salo's knees.

Yea....emotions ran deep in Boston.  What a beauty game THAT was. Cody Hodgson only played 11:19 in that game and was the first star of the game, scoring the winner and adding an assist. That feels like a long time ago. It was a long time ago. So, is there still a rivalry here? The answer is yes. The players that were involved in that Final will remember. The fans in Vancouver (and Boston) will remember. That was the most volatile Finals in quite a while, and definitely the most entertaining in quite a while. The Canucks are good at providing entertaining Finals. See: 1994 as well. It's just too bad they can't clear the final f*cking hurdle, to put it bluntly.

The win in January 2012 was awesome because the Canucks could not beat the Bruins in Boston in the '11 Final. And to get the win in front of those cantankerous Bruins faithful was classic. It was a pinnacle of sorts. And the players played like it was. After THAT game in January, the Canucks were never the same team. It's as if they spent all their emotion in that one and then the magic was gone. It haunted them all the way until their playoff loss to the Sharks last season, and then Alain Vigneault was terminated. The new Canucks have a fire lit under their collective asses thanks to new coach John Tortorella.

A side note: I anticipate seeing the behind the scenes footage of this game from NHL Revealed.

What can we expect in this one? I am guessing a hard-nosed tilt with a low score. Both teams can play defence and I would be surprised if this one opens up.

Can I give you THE top 3 moments of the 2011 Finals? Yes I can. You're gonna love them.

3. Raffi Torres scores the only goal of game 1 with so little time left:

2. Burrows kind of pulls a Darryl Sittler here because Timmy likes to play so far out of his net:

Yappy Lappy puts the Canucks up 3-2 in the series:

Honestly, I thought we had them at that point. Sure, they had killed us in Boston in Games 3 and 4, but at the very worst, at this point, it would go to Vancouver for Game 7 and we could burn them there.

Alright! Enough with the nostalgia, it's depressing. Depressing, but I'm still proud of that damned squad.


Let's just get to the current Bruins' projected roster.

Lucic - Krejci - Iginla. Oh right...Iginla. This should be interesting.

Marchand - Bergeron - Matt Fraser

Carl Soderberg - Ryan Spooner - Reilly Smith

Nick Johnson - Campbell - Caron

Chara - Boychuk

Seidenberg - Krug

Matt Bartowski - Kevan Miller

In goal: Rask? Chad Johsnon?

Look at all the no-names. The Bruins must have a huge injury list.


Marc Savard. Is he ever going to play again? Adam McQuaid, Chris Kelly, Daniel Paille, Loui Eriksson, Dougie Hamilton, Shawn Thornton.

Shawn Thornton. The verdict from Brendan Shanahan will be revealed on Saturday before this game starts, and the media and fans will be talking a lot about it. Too long? Too short? Just right? Word is that the Bruins wanted a medical report on Brooks Orpik to be given to the NHL before they made their final decision on the suspension. I think that is fair, given the NHL's past practice on suspensions. So that is why there is the delay.


"Last year's Final, it was both teams just playing. There weren't many crazy scrums after the whistle. Against Vancouver, there were more than a few. It seems like that series was the most emotional one we've seen in a long time. It was more than last year. It was more than Los Angeles and the Devils, more than the ones that came before it that you can really remember. It was the most bad blood than we've seen in a long time.

-Milan Lucic preaching truth.


1. Krejci: 6-21-27

2. Lucic: 11-13-24

3. Reilly Smith: 7-14-21

4. Turd Iginla: 8-11-19

5. Krug: 8-10-18



Sedin - Sedin - Hansen

Higgins - Kesler - Santorelli

Booth - Richardson - Kassian

Welsh - Dalpe - Weise

Hamhuis - Tanev

Weber - Garrison

Stanton - Bieksa

Luongo gets the start.

Injured: Alexandre Burrows (broken jaw), Alexander Edler (lower body), Jordan Schroeder (ankle). I keep forgetting we have Jordan Schroeder. Lately I keep forgetting we have Edler. Must be that 6-game winning streak.


"We got a lot out of our system, I think, when we went back and played them in Boston the next year. But we had a playoff series against them, and anytime you do that there's a rivalry, especially one that went seven games. There's always going to be something for quite a few years."

-Dan Hamhuis

You gotta see Tortorella's post game press conference as he talks about the win over the Oilers and what he thinks about the Canucks-Bruins rivalry. Hint: NAILED IT:

So...enjoy the game! Hopefully the intensity is there. Hopefully Brad Marchand scores NOTHING. To me, it's all about the entertainment factor and just getting the 2 points. The Canucks are now in 6th spot in the West and still NEED MORE POINTS!


SEE HERE. I got a point. But somebody named Tengeresz called 4-0 Canucks last game. Well done!

The title of this game preview post has been brought to you by Metallica:


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Funny shit here:

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