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When Opposites Meet - Canucks vs Oilers Gamethread

Canucks host the Oilers.

Slapper by the Burr.
Slapper by the Burr.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

6:00pm PST, CBC (weird, it's a Friday night one)

Enemy territory: The Copper & Blue

It is only December, and Vancouver is already heading in an opposite direction of the Oilers. Edmonton has a whopping 11-19-3 record so far in 33 games, while the Canucks are going 18-10-5.

Once again, as it seems to happen every year, Edmonton is touted at the beginning of the season to be big that year, only for winter to come along and show they still haven't changed. It's only been 33 games, and they already replaced Philadelphia as the league's laughingstock in November. We've been saying ourselves that the Canucks only have a limited time to win the Cup before Edmonton gets good again, but it looks like our timeframe just keeps getting longer.

Now that I've said that, watch Nail Yakupov score a hattie on us tonight.

Coconuts go!