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Canucks At Kings Preview: Hell-A! L.A.!

Violence and hockey. Perfect for a Saturday night.
Time Saturday, 7:00 PST
Season Series 2012-13: 2-0-1 Canucks
Last Meeting
1-0 Canucks, Mar. 23/13
The Enemy Jewels From The Crown, Battle Of California Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 3-17-20
Kopitar: 4-12-16

11-5-2 SEASON RECORD 10-6-0
24 POINTS 20
Won 1
6-2-2 LAST 10 6-4-0
2.83 (12)
1.19 (10) 5 ON 5 GF / GA 0.80 (20)
10.3 (26) POWER PLAY % 22.6 (6)
88.5 (2) PENALTY KILL % 80.6 (21)
51.6 (11) FACEOFF WINS % 55.4 (2)
333 (19) HITS
510 (1)
259 (6) BLOCKED SHOTS 182 (29)

Allow me to use the stats above for a basic prediction of how this game is gonna go. Take a look at the Kings' hit stats. Holy crap they lead the NHL with 510 hits. The Kings are also 26th in the NHL in minor penalties taken. Meaning they take a lot of minor penalties. With the Canucks STILL sucking the big patootie on the power play, what are we to make of this? Are the Kings going to gift the Canucks with multiple power plays? If the Canucks play the way they did against the Sharks then my answer is yes. Will the Canucks break out of their PP funk? YES! NO! How does a PP line of Hamhuis, Hank, Dank, KesLord and Burrows not cash in more? Will John Tortorella stick with that loaded line? Answer: Not for much longer if they don't cash in. They keep showing signs of breaking out but it's not happening.

The Kings' PP is pretty good, but so is the Canucks' penalty kill. Maybe the Canucks will continue to do their dominant damage 5 on 5 while killing of the slews of penalties. That's what I'm banking on.

But the hit tally from LA....unreal. So this is going to be a super-physical affair. . Even more than the Sharks-Canucks tilt. Which means there will be a use for Tom Sestito here, right? I don't think these 2 teams like each other all that much either. And we as fans hate those dirtbags in LA too. Dustin Brown? Total shitbag!

I was a super hit and Brown was a major factor in the Kings' Cup run. F*** him! Off with his head!

Hank gets him back though:

Get up you f***ing pussy! Jeeziz!

Another one of our fave Kings: Drew Doughty. Mr. Class!

Speaking of Doughty, I never get tired of watching this:

Where oh where has THAT Alexander Edler gone? Not saying he isn't playing superb right now, but I swear, since his back injury he stopped cranking guys. I miss it.

What other tools are in the LA toolbox?

Brown - Kopitar (Uncle Fester's Grandkid) - Williams

Dwight King - Mike Richards - Tyler Toffoli (which sounds like something you buy at a health food store)

Carcillo (punk ass) - Lewis - Frattin

Clifford - Linden Vey - Nolan

Muzzin - Asshat

Voynov - Regehr

Wille Mitchell! - Matt Greene


Now I can see why LA leads the NHL in hits.


I may never hate Willie Mitchell. He'd have to do or say something pretty drastic for that to happen. Big Willie missed a lot of time with a knee injury that almost ended his career. But, he found a sweet treatment that I have never heard of before. Via the Province:

It was at this point he went for the expensive Regenokine therapy whereby doctors take a sample of your blood, then heat it so it responds as though infected, which produces an anti-inflammatory response. Then those blood cells are separated by centrifuge and injected back into the sore areas of the knee, providing considerable inflammation relief. It only works on about 50 per cent of patients, but luckily for Mitchell, he was one of them.

It's good to see Willie back, even though I hate seeing him in that damned jersey. You know what grinds my gears? The last we saw of Mitchell as a Canuck was this:

Broke my damned heart. F***ing Malkin. Curse that ass! I loved Mitchell as a Canuck. And so did you. He was a tower of reliability and he had a big stick. He also murdered Captain Serious, which should live in infamy.

Should be a solid tilt here. Will the Canucks be as dominant against the Kings as they were the Sharks? I doubt it. I smell a little bit of regression in this one after that super effort against the Sharks. It sure as hell will be entertaining, regardless. Violence and hockey. Perfect for a Saturday night.


  • Canucks are 1-9 in their last 10 when their opponent allows 2 goals or less in their previous game.
  • Canucks are 4-9 in their last 13 vs. Western Conference.
  • Kings are 4-9 in their last 13 games following a win.
  • Kings are 2-7 in their last 9 after allowing 2 goals or less in their previous game.
  • Kings are 1-4 in their last 5 Saturday games.
  • Canucks are 2-2-1 in their last 5 Saturday regular season games.


Henrik Sedin. How dare you not get a point in a game for the SECOND TIME this season? I want 100%, Hank. I will accept nothing less! You just got a raise for pete's sakes. I expect 150 points when you make THAT kind of money. You're the team captain. LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Obviously I'm kidding. Jason Garrison is still on my Shitlist. Yea, he had some chances against the Sharks but he didn't cash in. He now has 0 points in his last 8. He does have 9 points in 18 games though. If he finished this season with 40 points, I wouldn't be all that displeased.

Oh, and make no mistake, I HATE putting a Canuck player on the Shitlist after a dominant ass-kicking victory.....but I'm just not a nice guy.


Secondary scoring! It was there against the Sharks and it was a lovely sight. I love the Burrows-Santorelli-Higgins line 2 as a secondary punch. Even the 3rd and 4th lines were impressive given the pressure they put on. The same efforts will be needed against the Kings. The Kings are going to hone in on the Sedins-Kesler big time. They are going to play those guys hard. Maybe to the point of Torts splitting that line up.


The list is getting big. AK_nuk, ChuckinNux and itsahardknocklife crack the list! Congrats! BUT...gmonk33 got the perfect 3 for predicting the Canucks to beat the Sharks 4-2 with Higgins scoring the winner. Well done!

The updated list is HERE.

If it's a problem that I refer you to that page and you'd rather have me post the full list in every game preview post, let me know in the comments section.


Enough video in this post already! However,

The title of this preview post has been brought to you by Bran Van 3000:

Awesome song.