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Warriors Of The Road - Canucks @ Senators Gamethread

Canucks kick off another East-coast road trip with a stop in Ottawa to take on the Senators

Phillip MacCallum

4:30pm PST, Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey (last of these for the season)

Enemy territory: Silver Seven

This is a weird season for us so far. We have seen the Canucks in 26 games now (officially 31.7% of the season), and we're 5th in the division, only ahead of Calgary and Edmonton. We have seen multiple games worth of the Canucks getting tons of shots on goals with no finish, while the opposing team manages to get those bounces into our net.

The Canucks now hit the road, where we have had the most success this season going 7-4-2 (compared to 5-5-3 at home). Tonight they stop by to play the Senators.

Coconuts go!