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2nd Period Gamethread - Keep The Comments Coming!

Harry How

The Canucks hold a 1-0 lead over the Blackhawks after the 1st period, and we have 878 comments on the first thread. That's $87.80 towards the cause, which will double when the Canadian government matches up. Let's keep going!!!

Here's a quick recap of the cause. We have all heard about the tragic typhoon that swept through the Phillipines the other week, taking many lives and causing endless damage. This is going to take a long time and a lot of money to bring life back to normal over there, and we at Nucks Misconduct feel we can do our part. That is why we are donating $0.10 for every comment on tonight's gamethread to the Canadian Red Cross's relief fund. The beauty part of choosing the Red Cross as our charity for this donation night is that the Canadian government will match all donations made to this fund. The easiest way to help is to post as many comments as possible in the thread below. However, if you have some spare change around your house you would like to donate, you can visit the Canadian Red Cross fundraising page and submit it there. (If you are in the States, the American Red Crosshas a similar page set up.)

Coconuts (and comments) go!!