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Nucks Misconduct Island Meet Up- Cancelled

Gonna pull the plug on this, folks. With Shinkaruk out, it's just lost it's appeal for me. Will try and put together a meet up for us island folks soon. Thanks for those who expressed interest though.



Here's the deal folks: We know there's a number of you (regular posters and lurkers alike) from the Victoria area, and one of the frustrating things we have living over here is missing out on meet-ups and such in Vancouver.  I have been toying with the idea of our own meet-up for a while now, and came up with a plan I think you'll want to get in on.  My good friend Derek works in the Victoria Royals ticket sales dept, and is going to help us set up a group buy for the Jan 21 game when Canucks prospect Hunter Shinkaruk and the Medicine Hat Tigers roll into town.  The more people we can secure, the lower the ticket price, so if you're from the YYJ area (and it doesn't matter if you're not a Canucks fan, if you're an SBN poster, we would love to see ya come out and help us support Junior hockey), let us know in the comments if you're interested in this and we can get this in motion.  Full details will be worked out (where to meet up pregame, see if we can wrangle up some prizes for giveaways, etc), but to start I need an idea of the interest level moving forward.