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Video: Pavel Bure Jersey Retirement

Pavel Bure's jersey retirement ceremony was a terrific, joyful event. Gino Odjick was quite a character. But it was Pavel's wife that kind of stole the show with a sexy, revealing dress. That was a distraction, and of course, not all of us are complaining.

Pavel thinks the Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup soon. He even said "Mark my words!" Easy there, fella!

Anyway, congrats, Pavel Bure! You belong up there in the rafters.

 photo bureretirement_zpsad647950.jpg

And the show-stopper:

 photo burewifeypoo_zps68b5f595.jpg

There is something about Gino. He was a rowdy and feisty animal on the ice but he genuinely seems like a guy with a heart of gold:

 photo odjick_zps4ff64179.jpg

What a night. From the Bure festivities to Bolland getting hurt (I kid) to the Canucks opening a can of whoop-ass on their stunned foes, it was a beauty. Wish I was there.