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Canucks Brunch- Mailbag time

Mailbag time, kids. Today we're going to devote some time (sadly, so) to someone who obviously doesn't grasp the concept here at Nucks Misconduct, and took the time to email me personally. I guess he never played the internets before.

Now look what you've gotten me into, Kevin!
Now look what you've gotten me into, Kevin!
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It's not often that we get actual emails in response to what we write here at NM, so it's always been my thought that when someone takes the time to send off their thoughts, we should thank them.  And while I know the Canucks have a game tonight (and we'll get to that), this is my column.  And today, we're gonna open up the mailbag and see what this Canucks fan has to say.

Let me start by saying thank you, Ryan (I am not going to use your last name), for reading Nucks Misconduct.  We appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by the site and interact with us.  Ryan apparently took issue with my last Brunch, and has written me to tell me so.

The email is entitled

'What the hell are you on about pertaining to Bieksa?'

(Also, while I won't print your email address, Hotmail?  People still use Hotmail?  Neat.)

You ever played the game?

Wow.  Swinging for the bleachers on the first pitch?  If there's any way to get an angry letter pertaining to an opinion on sports to be taken seriously, it's rolling out this phrase.  You Sir, have already slayed me.

KB always picks his spots, he was most likely responding to a play or action from earlier in the game

Always picks his spots?  Come on now.  We all know this isn't the first time.  It's not a constant problem, but you can't say that, because it's simply not true.  As far as responding to a play or an action earlier, all this does is hammer home the point I was trying to make.  There is a time and place to respond, if it needs to happen, to things that happen during the course of the game.  The last 6 minutes of 1 goal game is not that time if you are as important a cog to helping protect that lead.  Period.  And then we get to the fun stuff in your letter:

are you really sending him to Utica, want to borrow some money for his fair, or would that be for your teeth once you told him he was sent down.

I am a little hurt here, Ryan.  You treat me with such disdain, questioning my intelligence by assuming I wouldn't know that Bieksa is on a one-way contract, while clearly demonstrating you have a poor grasp of the concepts of sarcasm and hyperbole.  They're tools writers use to illicit a response, and I suppose it's a tad unfair of me to knock you for this point.  You obviously haven't played this game.  I could also be a dick and point out the grammatical error, but I won't.

People like you are a joke, the canucks lost, KB didn't cause the loss

It certainly didn't help the Canucks that one of their top defencemen was unavailable for the rest of the period.  Maybe they hang on to get the win if he's there?  It's not a giant leap to see that the Sharks got an advantage from this.

but you feel you have the right to puke your opinion, do you get paid for said opinion, if so can I have your employers number as I could replace you and your garbage in a second.

I feel I have 'the right to puke my opinion'?  Such a confusing statement.  And while I don't get paid, I was asked to be a member of the writing staff.  And here's the great part.  SB Nation, being the glorious platform of sports fandom democracy that is, allows the readership to contribute in two ways: 1) the comments section.  The comments section is a portion at the bottom of each article you see on SBN blog posts that allow you the opportunity to share your thoughts on the piece you just read with the rest of our beloved NM family.  Using that to address your concerns instead of going to my email might have spared me having to make this all about you.  2) Fanposts.  SB Nation prides itself on being a fan-driven media platform, and our readers are encouraged to make posts to give their viewpoints and perspectives on the team and the game itself.  I was asked to join the NM team because they liked the fanposts I had been contributing.  Just think, you could actually be like me!  And you're welcome to let Zandberg and Yankee know that the replacement for my 'garbage' has arrived.  I await your fanposts with bated breath.

And finally, your closer.  And kudos to you, because it shows you do have a sense of humour.  Or am I assuming too much, and you're actually serious when you say

Wake up Basky.

Your arch nemesis Ryan

Arch Nemesis?  Perhaps you can write, as this is a very bold, dramatic end to the letter.  But where do I go from here?  Do I contact the police chief, and let him know that my arch nemisis is up to something?  Are you an evil-doer?  Is this some kind bizarre attempt to see me in spandex?  I'm pretty sure I am supposed to be the one who labels you as my arch nemesis.  You aren't The Monarch, are you?  Either way, if this is what having an arch nemesis is all about, sign me up.  Thanks again, Ryan and enjoy the game tonight.

Now, on to more pressing matters.  The Canucks are currently mired in a bit of a losing streak.  They're playing well, apart from that pesky 'forgotten how to score goals' thing.  It's frustrating, as we know that both fancy stats and common sense tell us this simply will not last, and they'll be due for a breakout in a big way soon enough.  The real issue here is the nature of the Western Conference right now.  They simply have to start getting back to the way they were in October, getting points, even in losses to ensure they're keeping pace.  Regression's starting to set in with teams like Anaheim and Colorado.  Time for the Canucks to start taking advantage of this (and the solid goaltending they're getting from Roberto Luongo) and right this current slide.  Not time for panic yet, but it's hard to watch while it's going on.

And so Timmy returns.  I don't really know what else to say about Tim Thomas playing here tonight that Zandberg didn't already cover in his post, but here's to the Canucks lighting him up tonight.  Small measures of revenge are better than nothing at all.

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