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Canucks Brunch- Bounce This

Whether you choose to look at it from a statistical point of view, or the 'Good Ol' Saskatchewan Boy' eye test, it was utterly ridiculous that San Jose skated out of Rogers Arena with one point, let alone two. Not going to go back and rehash what's been said by others, best to just move along to a new challenge in a (slowly) improving Dallas Stars team.

Hank with some truth: The Bieksa impression? Not as funny as Fiddler thinks it was.
Hank with some truth: The Bieksa impression? Not as funny as Fiddler thinks it was.

Okay I lied.  One thing that's bugging me, and I didn't see much mention of it in the post-game stuff.  Kevin Bieksa.  If you EVER engage in such a stupid, meaningless and selfish fight in a situation like that again, you can just go straight to Utica, buddy.  That was minor league crap from a guy who is supposed to be one of the leaders on this team, and you led them right to a loss.  You may or may not believe in fights changing game momentum, but the Sharks certainly seemed to enjoy having one of their trolls take our big minute defenceman off the ice for the rest of regulation.  Knock that shit off!

Now, onto more pressing matters.  The Canucks are settling right in to where some predicted they'd be, it's just how they got there that is different.  Everyone knew the Pacific was going to be a hell of a lot tougher than the old Northwest Division, but if you said that the teams leading the pack would be sporting the records they are, you're a liar.  The good news is, 9th place being only 7 points behind the league leading Ducks isn't an insurmountable lead by any stretch, especially this early.  The Canucks do need to start rattling off some wins and most importantly, stop handing out free points to their division and conference rivals.  Tonight's a great opportunity to do that in a game against the Dallas Stars.

The Stars were full value for an utter ass-kicking against the Flames Thursday night, with Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin just destroyed Calgary 7-3.  Seguin notched 4 in 14:39 of ice time, and Benn had a goal and 5 assists.  The Canucks fortunately have a slightly better defensive corps than the sad-sack Flames (and yes, when you blow a 2 goal lead to the Oilers at home in the 3rd, you're as sad-sack as they are).

The S.O.P. of Canucks fans after a loss is to a) assess which player is solely responsible, b) make a statement as to how the team can't win against this type of team, and c) predict doom and gloom, often attaching the name of a player that should be traded away.  The advent of realignment has meant a change in how we have to view wins and losses, IMO.  As much as the Bettman point has skewed the statistics and given out wins that are sometimes nothing more than a coin toss, the Canucks have to be using it as a friend right now, much like those loathsome DBags from the Bay Area.  5 shootouts and counting (as do the Kings, who have actually won 4 of them).  You don't wanna give away these points, but getting their 3 period scoring in gear to ensure they're taking points available in close games has to start happening.  You don't have to be a stats genius to realize that much like the Canucks power play, these kinds of droughts simply don't hold up.  Change will come, and hopefully it comes like a downpour for a team that's struggling to find the back of the net.

Leftover Spaghetti?  Why not?

This is difficult for me to say, so I will just spit it out then go gargle with bleach: Thank you Tim Thomas for contributing to the inevitable Minnesota-like regression of the Colorado Avalanche.  Gah... Also, while I think that the NHL community needs to let noted idiot John Scott know that his 'Princess Phaneuf' comments are not acceptable, Leafs fans should also be mindful that they have a similar idiot in their ranks.  Misogynistic crap like 'Princess' and 'Sisters' has no place in the game among even marginally intelligent adults.  Period.  The league would do well start throwing out some fines for stupidity like that, with the support of the PA.  Which will never happen, thus perpetuating a cycle of idiocy that is shameful for the league...


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