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Once You Pop, You Can't Stop - Canucks vs Sharks Gamethread

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Canucks host the Sharks, hoping to build on the win in San Jose from last week.

Higgster and the Boyle.
Higgster and the Boyle.
Rich Lam

7:00pm PST, Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey

Enemy territories: Fear The Fin, Battle Of California

Yes, I do realize that's a cheesy gamethread title, quoting all those Pringles commercials. It can be deemed relevant to tonight's game.

Last week, the Canucks walked into San Jose for a big game against the Sharks, a team they had just lost 11 straight games to (if you include preseason). Knowing this was a big game, our boys stepped up to the plate, took a strong lead, and managed to get the win. Doesn't that taste nice?

Although not being able to replicate that success against LA or Anaheim, our boys are back in Vancouver for another match against these Sharks. Hopefully, they play true to that Pringles ad: once you get a win, you just want to keep on winning.

Coconuts go!