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Canucks Brunch- Shout At The Devils

Gotta hand it to the NHL schedule makers on this one. Getting the first game against Cory Schneider out of the way early is a good thing. There's been little time for a buildup of unnecessary drama from the media this way, and considering what the Canucks goaltenders have been through over the last couple years, that's a good thing. Make no mistake though: Nothing less than seeing the Canucks light him up tonight will do.

Happier times. Oh yeah, and screw the Bruins.
Happier times. Oh yeah, and screw the Bruins.

Sure, it's not like we wanted to see him get traded away. Schneider was a professional throughout a difficult situation for anyone to be placed in. And maybe it's just me, but when you take those colours off, and put one new ones, while I may have an appreciation for what you did while you were here, you're not a Canuck anymore. So no, I won't be booing Schneider, but I sure as hell won't be cheering him either. How much more do we really need to give the Devils in that deal? Cory Schneider may have wanted to stay a Canuck, but he's a big boy. Don't feel sorry for him, it's not like he's been banished to some Eastern Gulag.

The Canucks meanwhile should have no trouble getting up for this game, after a couple emotional wins over divisional rivals Edmonton and Calgary this weekend. While it sucks they couldn't finish off the Flames in regulation Sunday night, the fact that this team has rediscovered it's 3rd period legs is indeed a good sign. Also nice is that, while they're not perfect, we saw the bottom 6 for the Canucks step up in response this weekend, after being called out by Coach Tortorella following the Thursday night loss to the Sharks. The true test will come this Thursday when the Canucks host those same Sharks in a rematch at Rogers Arena, but let's not lose sight of tonight's challenge.

The Devils are going to try and test Luongo early to see if they can rattle him, but while he may be playing it cool on Twitter, you know he's focused for tonight's game.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Miss you buddy..... <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Strombone (@strombone1) <a href="">October 8, 2013</a></blockquote>
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He was strong after a bad early goal against the Oilers, and this year of redemption, or the 2013 Diva Tour, whatever you want to call it, is just getting started.

One thing we learned from last night's game against the Oilers is that Jaromir Jagr is still a hell of a hockey player, and certainly showing no signs of slowing down. Jagr scored a beauty to open the scoring, showing that he hasn't lost that touch and moving 8 goals behind his former teammate Mario Lemeiux on the all time scorers list. Also off to a good start for the Devils is Damien Brunner. The Red Wings cast off has 3 goals in as many games heading into tonight's match. The Devils though are still looking for their first win of the season, and will likely come out hard not just for Schneids, but a little pissed off at letting one get away from them in Edmonton.


While most of Motley Crue's musical output has been utter garbage, their first two albums still have some redeeming qualities. Stumbled across Gates Of Ishtar covering my favorite track off 'Shout At The Devil' a while back, so here's that one for you.

And since it's Tuesday here's a twofer for ya, with IMPIOUS throwing down a kickass version of 'Live Wire'