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Monday Afternoon Links: Laviolette Fired, Schneider To Face Vancouver

Schneider will face Vancouver, Peter Laviolette got the boot, RNH and Callahan return from injury, and more tidbits from around the NHL today.

Derek Leung

There's a few tidbits going around today in NHL news, so it would be worthwhile to share them.

Dancing With The Devil

The Canucks host the Devils Tuesday night, who are on a road trip through Western Canada at the moment.  Faced with the back-to-back game situation, head coach Pete DeBoer has revealed that Cory Schneider will be starting in net against his former Vancouver team.  Martin Brodeur will take on the Oilers tonight.

Another One Bites The Dust

After starting the season with 3 straight losses, the Flyers have fired head coach Peter Laviolette.  Lavy's assistant coach Craig Berube is taking over the head role.  Despite giving Laviolette the vote of confidence back in the beginning of September, team chairman Ed Snider said the following today:

"Training camp was a disaster," he said. "I've been at 47 training camps and I've never seen one that I thought was worse. Now that's not talking about Peter, that's talking about our players. And it carried right on over to the first three games of the season."

Yikes.  Who would've thought the first coach firing would happen in the first week of the season?  If things don't improve quickly with Derube, expect GM Paul Holmgren to find his own head on the chopping block.

A Few Timbits To Round It Out