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Home Is Where The Heart Is - Canucks vs Oilers Gamethread

Canucks have their first home game of the season, hosting the Oilers.

Rich Lam

7:00pm, CBC

Enemy territory: The Copper & Blue

First of all, random comment. I had a dream (might have been a daydream, not sure) in the last couple weeks where I was putting together the gamethread for a Canucks-Oilers game. On my editor, I have the option to put in the link to the opposing team's SBNation blog. However, in this dream, some other random non-SBNation blog had its link there instead of Copper & Blue. I did an internet search, and couldn't find C&B at all.

As you can tell, it was indeed a dream. C&B does still exist, and they are a fine and dandy bunch when their silly team isn't playing ours (or dealing with the consequences of those games).

Anyways, the Canucks crack open another season at home in Rogers Arena, hosting that ever-so-annoying Edmonton team. Zack Kassian is still out from breaking Sam Gagner's jaw in our preseason tilt (C&B reports Sam expects a 5-week comeback), and Alexandre Burrows got hurt in the San Jose game the other night. Andrew Alberts is slotted to start on the 4th forward line tonight, so I recommend getting some more booze before the game starts.

Can we get this over with, please? Coconuts go!