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Morning Buzz: All right. Here goes nothing.

Ending with San Jose, starting with San Jose. Ending with Vigneault, starting with Tortorella. Ending with Schneider, starting with Luongo (again). Ending in depression, starting anew with optimism.

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The elusive Booth, seen here in his natural habitat, typically feasts on fruits and berries.
The elusive Booth, seen here in his natural habitat, typically feasts on fruits and berries.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

No more waiting, let's do this thing.

Canucks News

> No more Northwest, no more rut.

> Want some more "we can't believe Luongo is starting again" stuff? Have at it.

> Hey, a fourth logo! Er, um, "we are all Canucks"

> Garrison on the PP is quite the novel approach.

> How Alberts lost his gig to Stanton.

> TSN is reporting Manny Malhotra inked a PTO today with Carolina's AHL team in Charlotte. Go get 'em Money!

> Mike Gillis on the "insidious creep of negativity." Gotta get that on a shirt.

Via Jeff Paterson, Henrik Sedin starts 2013 with his 629-game ironman streak & 940 #NHL games played. If he stays healthy will hit 700 & 1,000 this year.

> The CBC takes a look at Tortorella.

> Speaking of Tortorella, Dan Boyle has some thoughts on his taking over the reigns in Vancouver.

> Even Joe Pavelski (overbite #1) can't believe the Sharks have won nine straight over the Canucks.

Spoiled winners. Adorable.

NHL News

> First up on the pissed off charts, meet Wayne Simmonds.

> Next up, an oldie but a goodie, meet Patrick Roy - angry because of this - and why fighting could have stopped his breakdown.

> Your odds on favorite first coach to be fired is...

Plan the parade!

> Luongo isn't the only goalie needing a big turnaround year.

> Curious what Modo's uniforms look like during Breast Cancer awareness month?

> The US Government shutdown may cost one St. Louis Blues player his shot at playing. Good times.

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