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Burrows Close To Returning; Canucks Not Diving Under Tortorella

Frederick Breedon

According to The Province, Alexandre Burrows participated in a full game day skate with the boys today and then some and he could return to action as early as Friday's game against the Blues.

"The morning skate is nice but it’d probably be nice to have a real practice with the boys before getting out there," Burr told reporters today. He also said that after a few days of skating his foot feels fine. He broke his foot blocking a shot in the Canucks' 4-1 loss to the damned Sharks in the Canucks' season opener on October 3.

This will ease the loss of Jannik Hansen, who seemingly is going to miss a lot of time.

From the mouth of Burrows:


I figured John Tortorella had a no-diving policy with the Canucks because I had not seen any of the players doing it. Tortorella told the media today:

"I know the reputation from the outside looking in. When I wasn’t coaching here everybody thought Vancouver dove and did some whining. Our team is not going to dive. They’ve been talked to. I don’t think there’s much whining going on either.

This is my chance to to say we’re going to be an honest team. We’re trying to be an honest team. And I hope we get some god damn calls along the way."

I love this guy. Total reset.