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Rosin Up Your Bow And Play Your Fiddle Hard - Canucks @ Devils Gamethread

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Canucks visit the Devils for the last matchup of the season.

This Cory-Luie pic is bound to be overused by us today.
This Cory-Luie pic is bound to be overused by us today.
Ben Nelms

4:00pm PDT, Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey (relax, only 3 more like this)

Enemy territory: In Lou We Trust

On the one hand, having the 2nd matchup so early in the season annoys me. After the Canucks edged out that OT win against the Devils a couple weeks ago, I was hoping for some peace from the "Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider" saga. Sure enough, with Cory also starting this game, my inner peace will be disturbed. However, there is a silver lining: with the way the scheduling works, the only way Vancouver and New Jersey can play each other a 3rd time this season is through a playoff matchup. That's a whole half-year away! Let's get this over with!

Coconuts go!

Tonight's gamethread title brought to you by the classic Charlie Daniels Band tune:

The devil went down to Georgia lyrics [original] (via jordan1467900)