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Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon - Canucks @ Blue Jackets Gamethread

Canucks visit Columbus for a battle of the backups.

Daniel being awesome around the Columbus net.
Daniel being awesome around the Columbus net.
John Grieshop

3:00pm PDT, Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey (boo)

Enemy territory: The Cannon

The Canucks put up a good fight yesterday in Pittsburgh, despite having to resort to a shootout loss. Today, they find themselves in Columbus, taking on a team that is still getting used to a new conference.

As part of the realignment this summer, the Blue Jackets got moved to the super-stacked (or so we think) Metropolitan division. Over the past week, they have lost 4 straight games to the likes of Boston, Detroit, Montreal, and Washington as of last night, getting outscored 14-6 by their opponents. They are also facing a back-to-back situation today, so we will see a battle of the backups between Eddie Lack and Curtis McElhinney.

Coconuts go!

Today's gamethread inspiration comes from the Queen album "A Night At The Opera". This is the shortest, and probably the quirkiest, song on an album that also hosts such strange stuff as Seaside Rendezvous, Prophet's Song, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Queen - Lazing on a sunday afternoon (1975) (via spaccapassa)