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Big Test From The Flightless Birds - Canucks @ Penguins Gamethread

Canucks face a big challenge and measuring stick, as they visit Pittsburgh for a matinee.

Jamie Sabau

10:00am PDT, Sportsnet Pacific

Enemy territory: PensBurgh

Good morning (or afternoon), folks. The Canucks visit Pittsburgh today, where they take on the NHL-favourite, Metropolitan-whipping Penguins. We all know the firepower the Pens host, and we all know this is definitely a measuring-stick game for the Canucks to see how well Tortorella's new system works against one of the best teams in the league.

Quite frankly, I'm short on ideas for this gamethread, and I doubt I'll have anything to add before the game starts, so here's a video of killer whales hunting penguins that I just happened to watch yesterday:

Damn, nature, you scary! (Also, on the topic of orcas, check out this amazing video of orcas teaming up on a seal!)

Coconuts go!