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Edler To Face Hearing For Hit On Hertl (Update: 3-Game Suspension)

Well shit.
Well shit.

Update: Edler has been suspended for 3 games.

Alexander Edler may be in a bit of trouble after his hit on Tomas Hertl last night and will have a hearing with the powers that be. The most damning evidence of a head shot, or, making contact with Hertl's head (sounds better) besides the above image was seeing Hertl's helmet fly off when contact was made. Take a look:

Edler can be a train, hey? He just skates in a straight line, knowing some form of contact will likely be made. It's a bit reckless on his part, and I hate saying that. I am old school. Hertl should keep his head up and should pay for it if he doesn't. That's hockey. Some day that won't be hockey anymore.

I guess Edler, given his height, should have avoided contact, or leaned down a bit. There is only 1" difference in height between the 2 players. So really, those were his only 2 options. But once again, I hate saying that. Edler wanted contact and Hertl never saw it coming. Hertl was reaching for the puck, and reaching a bit more just before contact was made. Game of inches...and speed.

Prior Edler infractions:

He got a 2-game suspension for that. Oh and screw you, Mike Smith.

He is currently serving a suspension with the International Ice Hockey Federation for doing this:

If there is malicious intent, Edler is hiding it fairly well. Like I said, he acts like a train and skates in a straight line, not even visibly bracing for contact. Either way, I'm thinking a 5-game suspension is possible here. Carelessness will be the point of blame. What say you?