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The Lockout's Over. Pretend Like You Care.

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No seriously. Pretend damn it.

Bruce Bennett

113 days after it started (that's 510 regular-season games including the Winter Classic and the ASG), your job now faithful fan is pretend like nothing has happened and get ready to shell out your hard earned money on NHL hockey again. Failing that, just wait eight years for all of this to happen again.

You can read the filthy details here (SBN has a good stream of the saga as well). Pierre LeBrun has been kicking out some details of the deal which include the cap going to $64.3 million (Vancouver sits a shade over $70 million currently) and the season potentially starting on January 15th which would give us about 50 games to look forward too (a small plus may be the more lenient travel schedule Vancouver should enjoy as a result).

Also key to watch is the amnesty buy out that each team is afforded to help them get under the cap. Certainly doesn't mean that GMMG will use it, but be ready to see plenty of suggestions for Mr. Ballard to go that route.

On the immediate front we'll have to deal with Kesler's health and how that impacts the second line. Garrison will need to mesh damn quick on the backend. And oh remember that whole goalie thing? Expect that chatter to ramp up before I hit publish on this.

Nevertheless, here we are. The players seem happy. The league must be happy to get anything out of this "season." How are you feeling? Color me immensely bitter still, but a bit of Sedinery will probably fix that.