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Open Off Topic Thread: Name Your Top 5 Movies + Actors

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Breaks my damned heart every time I watch this fucking scene.
Breaks my damned heart every time I watch this fucking scene.

How's everybody holding up? I want to congratulate USA for beating the Canadians at the World Juniors........but I won't.

Maybe we have covered that top 5 topic before in an open thread, but hey, cut me some slack. It's been a long day and my oldest son just threw a half-hour tantrum before finally sleeping. Lovely.

Top 5 movies, as posted by me on Internet Movie Database:

1. Platoon. I don't think any movie will ever top it for me. Just a raw and brutally honest look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of Oliver Stone.

2. Saving Private Ryan (No, not Shaving Ryan's Privates)

3. Return Of The King

4. Return Of The Jedi

5. The Empire Strikes Back

Yea yea, I know there are some Star Wars haters out there (Smoboy41) but hey, that early trilogy still blows my mind. I can still remember the first time I watched them and how they changed my life for the better. Of course, the 2 war movies make the top 2. I love war films from the 70's - present. Love the Deer Hunter too. I just watched Apocalypse Now and I just can't get into that one though. I guess it's just too fucked up.

Top 5 Actors

1. Brad Pitt

2. Robert DeNiro

3. Edward Norton

4. Phillip Seymour-Hoffman

5. Daniel Day-Lewis / Leonardo DiCaprio

I can't believe I bumped Al Pacino out of there. However, a friend of mine ruined the Pacino' bubble for me. You ever have that happen? He said that Pacino doesn't have that many dimensions as an actor. I had a hard time disagreeing after thinking about it. Pacino is best playing a cop. He's 95% serious and and/or angry in all his roles. He doesn't stretch out into brave roles all that often like I think my top 5 actors do. However, make no mistake, I do love Pacino films. Say hello to my little friend!


Top 5 Actresses (Based on talent, not looks)

1. Meryl Streep

2. Jennifer Connelly

3. Charlize Theron

4. Cate Blanchette

5. Kate Winslet / Jodie Foster / Helena Bonham-Carter

I found it more difficult to pick top 5 actresses. As you can tell from all of my lists, I am not a fan of movies pre-70's, for the most part. Streep is money in the bank. She can do it all.

OK, let's see YOUR lists, people.

Just watched the Hobbit last night. That movie would not make my top 100 fave movies list. Who's with me?

On the next off topic open thread: Rating hotness. Yea baby.

"Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht!" What's that sound? That's me cracking open a fresh bottle of Diet Coke to add to serious amount of Spiced Rum in my tall glass. Cheers to the weekend!