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Killers Walk These Streets Tonight - Canucks vs Avalanche Gamethread

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Canucks return home to host the Colorado Avalanche.

Doug Pensinger

SNet Pacific, 7 pm PST

Rival territory: Mile High Hockey (awesome people over there)

I'd love to say we have a pattern emerging in our games played so far, but the pattern is a perilous one. The order seems to go like this: a blowout loss, a shootout loss, a shootout win, and a blowout win. It appears so far that the San Jose game was another blowout loss, and LA a shootout loss, so tonight's game would come out as a shootout win. Although it would be helpful, and would set up a big blowout win against Chicago on Friday, I think the Canucks would like a better result than that. Especially since this would run us about 0.500 for getting points in this tightened season, and the shootout wins won't be much help.

Anyways, back to tonight. The Canucks have returned from their so-so California road trip, and host the dangerously unpredictable Colorado Avalanche. We have watched for a few years now as this younger Colorado team has been desperately trying to make the playoffs each year, as well as being one of the closer teams to stealing our NW crown. They have a bunch of young ones who will be great in the years to come, as well as a few guys who are reputable Canuck killers. No matter if it's Jean-Sebastien Giguere or Semyon Varlamov are in net, they can both pull heavy weight when they're on their game.

Time for our boys to face these killers. Coconuts go!