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Morning Buzz: Game Day and its going to be alright

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It's game day, so lets get our hopes up, but not too high, don't want that crushing feeling of defeat. Oh yeah, death to the 2-0 lead!


Morning, folks, we've got Canucks news, we've got NHL news. You're here, I'm here, who wants to cuddle? Lets get at it!


>> Jason Botchford, the shap-son to Tony Gallagher (paternity test pending) tells us that this years start isn't as bad as most. By the way, retiring the word "shap"? Caman!

>> Mike Gillis needs more time to get the right read on his team. I'm glad he hasn't hit the panic button yet, I know I have at times, but I come back down. I won't start on Jason Garrison until there's really a reason.

>> From yesterday, Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis wonders what's behind the Canucks poor starts. Hint - it rhymes with Bryan Lesler. Also check out PITB if you want to re-live Alex Burrows dog shit awful shootout attempt from the other night against the Kings.

>> Thomas Drance from Canucks Army wins the headline of the morning for me so far with "Jason Garrison and the Ghost of Keith Ballard" and it's a good read as well. Also from Canucks Army are a few other bits from yesterday, including Eddie Lack's season being over and Cam Charron's take on why Keith Ballard and Chris Tanev have looked like the best Canucks D pair.

That's all so far this morning on Canucks news. I bet you something good comes out again as soon as I hit post. Fuck.

The Other Guys:

>> That fucking asshole Mike Milbury and that...uhh, Well, I have nothing against Keith Jones, but either way, they both wonder if Alex Ovechkin is being used the right way. I suspect that unless Ovi is running the bench and controlling his own minutes, he'll never be used the right way.

>> Did you know Jeff Skinner slew-foots all the time? Well, that bold declaration came from Saint Brad Marchand, the cleanest and most respectful player to ever play hockey. Either way, Skinner denies the acquisition.

>> The NHL denies there are plans to expand to 32 teams. In this format, EVERYONE gets to make the playoffs! Yeah! Fair play! No hurt feelings!

>> The Penguins were booed at home? Ain't that some shit. Though I suppose getting beaten 4-1 by Garth Snow's waiver loving New York Islanders is grounds for a booing. Either way, Pascal Dupuis says they weren't wrong.

>> Speaking of those shit-sucking Islanders (sorry Isles fan), Colin McDonald may be getting a call from Brendan Shanahan in the near future after boarding the shit out of Ben Lovejoy.

>> Before I start, I want to say that I'm a pretty good person and never do I wish anything bad upon anyone else, but if there's one hockey player other than Chris Pronger who won't get my sympathy over an injury, it's Patrick Kaleta. Kaleta was driven into the boards last night by Toronto Maple Leads tough guy and awkward beard guy Mike Brown. I mean, I don't want anything bad to happen to him, I hope he's ok, but I hope he also isn't a total fucking douche bag on the ice anymore either.

Anyways, folks, that's it for me