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Vancouver Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: Week 1

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The end is nigh
The end is nigh

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? I was checking out what's happening with the Colorado Avalanche at Mile High Hockey today, as they are the Canucks' next opponent and came across a feature they have called Avalanche Power Rankings Roundup. It's a snazzy little feature that shows their team's power rankings via the biggest sports mainstream media websites out there, including current ranking, the ranking the previous week, as well as a blurb of opinion.

Super idea, Mile High Hockey! Allow me to imitate steal this idea for our Vancouver Canucks. Please note that these ranking were released before the Kings/Canucks game last night. Keep in mind that this kind of post is meant for educational / comedic purposes.

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
16 5 Treading water with two top-six forwards out of the lineup, the Canucks' top goal-scorers, with three apiece, have been LW Mason Raymond and RW Zack Kassian, the latter taking advantage of a plum spot alongside the Sedins.
13 NR
-Ryan Kesler and David Booth can’t come back soon enough. The Canucks are holding their head above water (splitting two with the Ducks) and Cory Schneider has settled down, but their decisive loss to the Sharks Sunday proves they’re not quite there.
17 They had maybe their best performance of the young season Sunday night and still lost by three to San Jose. ... Is Cory Schneider not sharp because of the Luongo situation, his defense or a regression? Probably just last two.
12 8 Alex Burrows has done an admirable job filling in at center, but boy does this team need Ryan Kesler back.
12 7 It will be hard to trade goalie Roberto Luongo when new No. 1 Cory Schneider follows a shutout (against the Ducks on Friday) with a middling performance (four goals on 27 shots against the Sharks on Sunday).
13 8 With Ryan Kesler and David Booth out, finding sources of secondary scoring is vitally important for this team. Enter Mason Raymond, who has the potential, but not always the guts. He has three goals in his past three games and has the extra motivation of it being a UFA contract year.
12 10 Zack Kassian, 22, has three goals in five games. Cody Hodgson, who the Canucks dealt to the Sabres at least year's deadline to get Kassian, has three goals in five games. Kassian has spent time playing with the Sedins and held his own so far with David Booth and Ryan Kesler out of the lineup..
29 1 What? We expected dominance right out of the gate! This is a failure of a team! If they lose to Colorado on Wednesday Mike Gillis needs to blow this team up and start over! (Turn on your sarcasmometer)

You can click on the logos to go to the original Power Rankings page for each site.