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Morning Buzz: Those Two Goal Leads Can Piss Off

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Someone once told me the worst lead in hockey was the 2-0 lead. After last night, I went and found that person and beat them with a pillow case filled with bars of soap. Sorry, Dad. Well, not sorry.

Victor Decolongon

Canucks fudged the brownie bed again. What the fuck is with that two goal lead? Anyways, we've got the Canucks, the NHL and I've got a delicious lunch made of left overs from last night. Lets get at it.


>> Ben Kuzma talks about how Luongo almost back stopped the Canucks to a victory last night against the Los Angeles Kings. No nicknames, no jokes. You don't want to tip at White Spots, Ben, this is what happens.

>> If you don't like the cut of Jason Botchford's shap in the Canucks Hat Trick, you need to check yourself, before you riggity-wreck yourself. Yeah, totally went there.

>> Ben Kuzma has the Van Provies again. Still no shap, but that's ok. Still quality stuff.

>> J Bowman's post game quotes he wishes were real are fucking hilarious. I wish they were real, too.

>> Wyatt "What the fuck is a moose knuckle?" Anrdt has the Rock's review of the Canucks game last night.

>> The fella's at Canucks Army have last night's game recap and chance data, and a clever yet funny title for the piece.

That's all for Canucks news. There's nothing on Jason Garrison's stellar play after six games still hasn't really been talked about, but I guess that's what the ten game evaluation is for.

The Other Guys:

>> Think Mike Komisarek can't do anything else to fuck up his career? Nope! Wrong. He managed to get a fiberglass sliver in his eye. Fuckin' dummy. Hey, remember when he played in the NHL All-Star game?

>> Tell me if you've heard this one before: "The deadline to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes is _______". I know I have, and apparently we're going to hear it again, because the deadline for the purchase of the team is this Thursday - AND the new mayor of Glendale won't offer the prospective owner an extension.Don't worry though, some mystery buyer will swoop in, go through the same fucking song and dance the team has been going through forever, just long enough to keep them in that shit hole.

>> Speaking of teams being run into the fucking dirt, the New York Islanders are dealing with another player who doesn't want to play for the team. Nino Niederreiter is pissed he hasn't gotten a shot with the big club.

>> The Buffalo Sabres have decided to let rookie Mikael Grigorenko stay with the club this season.

That's all from me today. I'm sure something more exciting with a lot less swearing will show up as soon as I publish this. Have a great day and remember, don't get go up 2-0.

- Mitch